One Minute Ramble: The Realm of Dreams

dream catcherAs heavy as my eyelids are, I force them open for now at least. I am being summoned once again to the World of Wonders, where the impossible is extremely likely, complete strangers are close friends, and things are most definitely not as they seem. In this other worldly place, events transpire as they do in any other dimension, only they transpire without reason. They transpire within the concept of time, outside of it, around it, and because of it. They change in an instant, yet stay unchanged for years.

Planets appear and disappear in the daytime sky, and the Moons always shine with a silvery glow.

Animals speak English – or do I speak Animal?

I can walk with lions, fly with eagles, and swim with dolphins. I can find answers and reveal secrets, and no-one knows but me… and the people I meet in the Realm of Dreams.

Crystal Pendulum and Universal Energy

I have been writing a lot about Energy lately. The natural Forces of the Universe that help to keep things – everything – moving, changing and existing. Ever since I saw the TV documentary on the Life of Waves, I have found myself looking at everything in a slightly different, and a (kind of, but not quite) microscopic way.rain drop

From the Source Energy that is clearly visible in every single drop of rain, to the Strong Energy that can make the branches of a forest full of trees gently sway; and from the Secret Energy that is present around a shadow as it moves along a wall., to the Physical Energy that helps us all to move from A to B, we can all experience this Universal Power. This Force that runs through all of us and through all of existence. This essence that decides how and when things will age and change, and develop, and progress.

These energies are used through The Law of Attraction, when what we think about we bring about. These energies connect our inner thoughts with our external existence. And these energies are as fantastic as they are mysterious.

Crystal PendulumI own a clear quartz crystal pendulum. I use it from time to time to ask questions which require a yes or no answer. I always receive an answer. Yes is indicated by my pendulum rotating round in a complete circle. The more definite the yes, the faster the swing; the bigger the circle; and the stronger the pull. With a no, the pendulum swings from side to side; again, the greater the swing gives more definition to the no. Occasionally, the pendulum does not swing. This either indicates the answer is not yet to be known to me, I have asked a question that is either unclear or the answer is not yes or no, or I need to ask the question again.

I have asked my pendulum a couple of questions in the past, where the response was yes, and pendulum was swinging around at such a speed it was literally level with my fingertips, revolving in a complete circle. The pull, the energy I could feel from this was phenomenal. I could actually hear the pendulum swish through the air as it moved around.  I had to keep a tight grip of the end of the chain, otherwise the pendulum would have been away, it was that powerful.

This morning, I held my pendulum as I usually do in between the thumb and index finger of my right hand. I hold my left hand palm-upwards beneath the crystal itself just to provide a kind of balance between my hands. I move my left hand after a short while. I would normally ask my question once I have got my hands and the pendulum into position, but this morning I didn’t. I didn’t have a question to ask, I only wanted to feel the Energy of the Universe flowing through me.IDL TIFF file

I got what I was asking for. The pendulum was whizzing around at such a great speed, of it’s own accord I hasten to add – I have no reason to make the pendulum move myself as the Forces That Be are more than capable of doing it for me, and I also have no reason for making up such a thing here either. I know that it works, but I also know that the Universe works too. How it works, though, is a complete mystery to me…

So, before I went to work, I allowed the pendulum to reveal the natural flow of the Universe to me. It could have said yes or no, or it could have made another motion (I’m hoping for it to make the figure of eight symbol, if it can… the figure of eight on it’s side indicates infinity), I only wanted to feel the forces working. I got a very clear YES! Now that is positive – coming from the Universe and all!

I went to work feeling good.

And, at the risk of repeating myself, I do like to feel good.

Invasion of the Zombified Lookalikes

First of all, Eurrgh; Grarr; Muhrr, Ooove; Hmmm.

No, I’m not practising a foreign language, or writing about various tones that exercise cheek and jaw muscles. I’m describing the pleasing tones that I have been emitting from my mouth (I think it’s my mouth, but I’m not sure… please read on!) every time I stood up today. And every time I sat down, come to think of it.

I may have been making the noises as I dragged myself forwards, wherever I was going, but as I was concentrating on my movements, I wasn’t concentrating on what I was actually saying / groaning / singing.

I have been slightly low on the get up and go front today. Not only me, though… everyone I work with seem to have been in the same state as me.

OK, I only work with a couple of others in my direct office, but the whole room was full of people who did not seem themselves. This has got me wondering about the fact that the others may have been replaced by Zombie lookalikes.zombie

I’ve had experience with Zombies before, but not in such a confined space, and certainly not for as long as a whole day. Now, I have really enjoyed work today, which is making me wonder if I’ve been replaced by a Zombie lookalike too. I mean, I look like me, I think like me, but I haven’t been myself today.

Luckily, nothing has fallen off me, so I don’t think I’m a Full Zombie just yet, and I don’t think that anything has fallen off any of my work colleagues either – well, not that they said (or grunted) anyway.

The dictionary definition of Zombify is to “deprive of energy or vitality”. The dictionary definition doesn’t describe me. I’m full of energy. Energy is everywhere, even in inanimate objects, in my world, and it certainly isn’t deprived. It is just doing something different within me as to what I want it to do today.

I think my energy is powering the parts of me that need to be used in the moment, and the rest of my body is asleep, hence the funny noises I make when I move. I’m waking up my legs to walk, or my back to stretch. When I walk, my arms are asleep. When I sit, my legs drop off again. Not literally – just to sleep! My eyes feel as though they have been glued open, or pinned back or something. I’m sure they are a lovely red colour too – well, all of my colleagues’ eyes were red anyway, so I must include myself there. It may just have been a side effect of the air conditioning though – that tends to affect our eyes in strange ways.

So, I have decided that I am not a Zombie after all. I have been affected by the air conditioning in work, and didn’t want to move simply because it was so cold. The pale face I carried around was only pale due to the fact that my blood supply was busy trying to keep itself warm somewhere, deep within me. My toes, I think. They could have dropped off (literally) at any time this afternoon, but luckily they didn’t. My blood supply did a really good job keeping them attached!

The others, though, may be Zombies. I’ll have to keep my eye on their movements, and the sounds that they make. I hope I can tell the difference…

So. It will soon be time for bed. Time to rest. Sleep (for real!) and recharge my energy cells. Wake up tomorrow full of vitality. Be the one who is different from the crowd of Zombies. Use my inner energy supply to be focussed, dynamic and raring to go!

I mean to say, I do have it in me, so why not? I’m feeling good again now! I like feeling good…


One Minute Random Ramble: Seven of Sorts


There’s more to this number than meets the eye.  999999 divided by 7 equals 142857. Other numbers divided by seven have 142857 recurring in their results somewhere., for example 1642 divided by 7 equals 234.57142857142857142857142857142857….

142857 + 142857 = 285714
285714 + 142857 = 428571
428571 + 142857 = 571428 – See what’s happening here? The results are always the same digits.

Today is the 16th May. 16/7 = 2.2857142857142857142857142857142857…

142857 indicates a seventh.

1+6=7 This really is just a coincidence, but hey, it fits in nicely!

1+6+4+2=13; 7 is the mid-point number; 13th is the date I was born; 13th is the date this blog was started.

There are seven colours in the rainbow: Red; Orange; Yellow; Green; Blue; Indigo; Violet. These colours were identified by Isaac Newton, who was born in 1642.

There are seven stellar objects visible to the naked eye from Earth… The Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. And speaking of Saturn, Galileo inadvertently discovered Saturn’s rings in July 1610 (July = the seventh month). Astronomers weren’t particularly interested in Saturn until 1642, which was also the year that Galileo died.

Completely random post today, not related to any one thing in particular. Just another recurring number that I have come across. Is seven a magic number?

May 16th Visits

17/05/11 00:14 – And just a little late amendment… Total number of my visitors for May 16th had to be 77. There was no other way that it would have been anything else…

One Minute Ramble: Rain

rainGrey and wet day today, and cold with it. I have a feeling that the seasons have somehow realigned themselves, and choose to give us a different season’s weather every day. We’ve had a few days of summery weather around Easter time, so now we are having the autumnal weather. Or is it spring? Or even winter?? Today’s cold has felt like winter, but the luscious greenery has reminded me that it is still spring.
Still, I suppose the changes in the weather help to keep things fresh. Different and new.
And I can’t complain about the rain. All that movement, all that energy around in abundance, touching everything – connecting everything.
My senses are all in use in the rain: touch, smell, hearing, taste and sight. Now that is a connection.
Inside and out.
Grey, wet and cold, with a favourable outlook, as always.

And I feel good too.