Beyond the Sphere

Sunday Sun Day

I have an electric clock with a thermometer on it. This morning (just after 10am), it is showing the temperature as 26.5c, 79.7f. OK, that’s the temperature inside, but it looks very warm outside. The sun is shining brightly, the birds are singing loudly, and there isn’t a cloud in the sky. I feel like bursting into song, but will resist the temptation, given my singing qualities aren’t the best. Besides, a baby is screaming for something outside, and I don’t want to compete with that.

I like the way everywhere looks in glorious sunshine. Everywhere is crisp and clearly defined. The colours are vibrant, the sky is one of the best shades of blue you could ever imagine, and the greenery of the plants and trees all blend perfectly together. The birds seem to love the sunshine, singing away, as though they are in competition with each other. And probably they are, but they make the competition sound good.

Cats have the right attitude when it’s hot like this. They find a nice place in the sun, and flop down. Groom themselves slightly, turn around, and flop down again. Move to the shade when they get too warm. Groom again. Flop down again. They do just what they want to, when they want, and seem very content to do it.

Humans seem to have taken to cooking outside when the sun is shining. Everywhere you go, you can smell someone’s barbecue just being started. It’s a bit early in the day at the moment for barbecues, but hundreds will start before long. Most people sitting outside, usually in the shade, having a few drinks and some scorched barbecue food. I like a good barbecue myself, I must admit. Just don’t ask me to do any cooking – that is not one of my strong points, although it won’t take long for me to learn. (Have a read of ‘my’ first Secret Teachings post regarding the value of an hour.) Even if I could cook, I still wouldn’t be able to host a barbecue as I don’t have a garden – although this will all change once I move into my dream house.

It’s nice to visit a beach when the sun is shining, I find. I love being by water, whether it is a stream, a river, a waterfall, the sea, a lake or a swimming pool. This must have something to do with my astrological sign, Pisces. I’ve found a glorious bay in Anglesey, where I have to go to at least once a year – and I can feel it calling me now. I’ll be going there in the next month or so.

I couldn’t say I prefer the sea to a waterfall, or a river to a stream, as they all have their own qualities. This thought reminds me of something I read in a book (I can’t remember the book at present, but when I do I will mention it on here) that says a small puddle is no less important than the ocean – they both contain the same thing – and without it we wouldn’t survive. I love the sound of a babbling brook. I like looking out to the still horizon far out to sea. I love the reflections of a mountain range into a lake. I even like the smell of freshly fallen rain. No, I definitely like water. And another good thing about water, well two things actually, is it keeps you cool on hot days like today. Drink it and run your hands under it – both have the cooling effect that is just what is needed!

Well, all these thoughts of water have certainly cooled me down a little, and the temperature has increased to 26.8c in the time it has taken me to write this.

I think it’s going to be hot, Hot, HOT today!

Multiple bodies at separate times

Up to now, I’ve had five different bodies in my lifetime. No – make that six – I’ve just remembered another one.

Those bodies are, in no particular order: Fat, baby, muscular, thin, child and blond.

I’m in my fat body now. Before that I was in my thin body. Fat again before that, and muscular (and toned) before that. Blond twice before that. Fat before that. Thin before that. Child before that. And baby before that.

I’ve been me all the way through those different bodies, but have been completely different depending on what body I was wearing at the time. Yes, I’ve always been quiet. Yes, I’ve always liked to keep myself to myself. (Can’t really comment on my baby body, but I’m presuming I was similar). But my thoughts have always been my own throughout time. Well, I hope they have, anyhow.

I’ve looked so different with each body.

Looking at some older photos of me, even I don’t recognise myself. How weird is that?

I’ve classed blond as a separate body; as I looked different during one of my thin to muscular stages, and wanted to keep it separate. I don’t have any photos of my blond stage unfortunately. There must be some somewhere, though – I’ll send a cosmic order for some to turn up (but only nice ones – if there’s any of me in questionable situations I don’t want to see them!!!)

Thinking back, I’ve actually felt different in each body. I had more confidence in my thin and muscular bodies, less confidence in my fat body. I was of the highest confidence level ever in my blond body. I had more energy in my child body. And just a warm memory from my baby body.

There’s a part in The Secret that mentions the cells of the body are constantly being replaced, and over time we can have a brand new body. I don’t think it was referring to my example above, but I quite like my take on it. I did feel differently within each different stage of my life, and my body was completely different. All I need to do is remember the aspects of each particular stage of my life that I liked, and bring them forward into my life now. I can clearly remember how my life was at each stage (well, apart from baby, but that was a nice memory), as everything I experienced then was part of my life. If I like it, I’ll have it again, thank you very much.

I won’t have the rocker bleached blond look again. I really did love that look, but I was at the right age at the time (in my opinion) although it was a bit of a shock to others when they first saw me. The look on their faces was hilarious, but they got to like it too, in the end. Besides, my crown is a bit bigger nowadays, so my hair may look a bit orange around the middle! I’ll have to try to bring forward the part of my body that had a full crown. When I get that back, I may just go blond for one more time! Only joking!!!

I keep saying I can have the life that I want. I just have to know what I want, and do what I need to, to ensure that I can get closer to actually achieving what I want. Some things will come to me without me having to do much work; others, I’ll have to do a bit more. I am entitled to have my life as I want to have it, so I might as well have it in the body I want to have too!

I’ll have the perfect body. I’ll have the perfect personality. I’ll wear the perfect clothes for me. I’ll be the perfect person. I’ll have my perfect life. I’ll be able to help others to achieve their perfect lives too.

Writing this blog has made me seem to be very selfish, and self-centred. Well, the blog certainly is self-centered. It’s my blog, and it’s about me. It’s about me getting to know myself better. I’ve decided to publish it, rather than keeping a journal, as it is a different way of expressing my self.

I don’t think I’m selfish, however, although a certain level of selfishness is perfectly acceptable. What good would we be to anyone, if we spent all of our time for other people, leaving none for ourselves?

If any of my posts make you smile, or think just a bit differently, then that is a bonus. I’m doing this blog to get to know me better. And do you know what? It is working already!

Living the dream?

I’ve had many dreams over the years. Some of them have been amazing adventures… in some, I’ve been flying all over town just taking in the views from different perspectives… in others, I’ve had problems coming in to land after flying. Some dreams have seen me visit ‘strange’ places, but I knew them like the back of my hand… some I have travelled back in time and visited my family (and even myself when I was little)… others I have been living in a very large house, with many rooms. Quite a lot of my dreams are very vivid, some scary, but on the whole they are extremely pleasant.

I bought a dream dictionary once, found the interpretations very interesting, until one person I worked with made me see them in a different light. She simply said “how can anyone else interpret what my dreams mean?” And since then, I haven’t used the dream dictionary.

I love reading or hearing about other people’s dreams too, but don’t comment on them now, unless I’m passing a light hearted comment about something happening to the dreamer. Well… 😉

Like my friend said, dreams are personal, and my dream of my extremely large multi-roomed house, with large gardens, three floors, balconies, sun terraces, split level flooring on the ground floor, hidden staircase to the third floor, large windows, and one room that is decorated like something from the 1950s  will mean something completely different to someone else who may have a similar dream.

I’ve noticed that a lot of my dreams include height. I’m either flying very high (although in one embarrassingly vivid dream, I was flying at a snail’s pace one centimetre above the ground. I was flying, but to everyone around me it looked as though I was just lying on the floor.) Or there are stairs, different levels, or I’m looking down off rooftops. I’m sure the dream dictionary would cover these as ‘reaching for great heights’ or ‘feeling superior over others’ or ‘need to reach new levels’ or something like that. There may be some truth in that. I do want to live in my large house (the one I’ve described above) but does it ever exist? Am I reaching for something I cannot attain? Or am I getting myself ready for when I am soaring high, in my amazing pad?

That feeling superior over others isn’t true at all. I read a quote recently that went something like ‘in reality, nothing is superior. Likewise nothing is inferior. It just is’. So there!

The odd thing about my dreams of the house… there’s always the many rooms, the many levels, the many stairs, the many doors, the many different ways to get there, the many rooftop terraces, the many gardens, the many other things… the house is completely different in each dream, yet it is always very familiar. It is definitely my house that is for sure. I am never aware that I am dreaming, but my one bedroom flat is completely different, so I would hope that one day I will become aware that I am dreaming.

That is one of the things that I must experience; Lucid Dreaming. Being asleep, knowing you are dreaming, and being able to control when, where and how you go, and who you meet. Imagine the possibilities… what can be learned, what can be done… I’m not at that stage yet, so I can only dream! <- See what I did there?!

Whether I do learn to become conscious in my dreams, or not, will have to wait to be seen… as soon as I do it though, I’ll have something big to write about! In the meantime, I can but only go on, enjoying, and living my dreams. Even if they aren’t an exact match to my current reality, I’m happy with what I’ve got.

But I wonder. When I get my house, what will I dream of then?

The amazing weather

I was only joking six days ago, when I said it was colder now than when we were having those heavy snow showers back in January, and the weather today has certainly proved me to be wrong with the temperature! It’s been scorching today! And I’ve been in work, with a throbbing face (more on this in a future post.) Still, the day passed, and I’m home now, and typing away at another random post.

These posts of mine aren’t in any particular order, I must add, just in case you were wondering. I’m just adding random snippets about me from all times of my life. The posts about the future are at present only dreams, but one day I’ll be looking back at these posts after having done some, if not all, of what I am dreaming about, and remembering them fondly too. Here’s a line from a song I heard in The Eurovision Song Contest last year:

If you don’t know your destination, who determines your destiny?

That line has stuck in my mind ever since, and I like it.

I’m writing about the weather today. I love the weather. All of it. I know, it’s easy to moan and grumble when it’s wet and windy, but being British, I love a good moan, so no complaints there! Besides, if it weren’t for the rain, we wouldn’t be surrounded by all the lush greenery in the summer, would we?

I like the sun, because it makes me feel good. I like the wind because it makes me feel alive. I like the rain because it refreshes everywhere. I like the snow because it’s chilling and relaxing. I like thunder and lightening because of it’s drama. I like hailstone because of its force. I like fog, because it is mysterious. And when they all combine, well, wow!

I remember one summer watching a heavy rain shower travel up the road toward’s me. My half of the street was in glorious sunshine, the other end of the street had this travelling ‘wall of rain’ heading my way. It wasn’t long before the rain reached my part of the street, and then it just looked like a normal rain shower.

Another thing that I like to see is rainbows. Sometimes, I can expect to see a rainbow, and others I feel the rainbow likes to surprise me. I asked for a sign (that I would get a job) to be a rainbow. I went for an interview, the weather was a bit overcast and showery, and after the interview I thought ‘that went well’. Walked around the corner of the building and there, in the sky, in front of me, was the biggest and boldest rainbow I’d ever seen. It was amazing, and literally blew me away. And I got the job. The interview was on the Friday, and I started the following Monday. I had definitely received my sign.

Sometimes, we do feel the force of the weather, but it is all natural. I think it is just a reminder that no matter just how advanced we humans become with our technology, nature will always have the upper hand. You just need to look at the effects of the Icelandic volcano to see that fact. I find it all fascinating.

Do you know what the amazing thing is? I’m part of that fascinating world! Sometimes, I feel as though I’m just watching things pass me by, but in reality I’m as much involved as everyone else.

What an amazing opportunity this ‘living’ actually is!

What was I thinking?

Blimey, I’ve done some embarrassing things over the years.

In my second job, I worked for BT for a few years as an operator. I wasn’t too keen on the Directory Enquiries part of the job, although some days were better than others. I did enjoy working on the switchboard answering 100 and 999 calls. The switchboard was the old plug type, and the headsets were great big trumpet things that looked as though they came out of the ark. Just before I left, the switchboard was being replaced by a new-fangled computer system, which I also had the pleasure to use for a few months. No, the job wasn’t embarrassing, although it got a bit iffy when I said the wrong thing. What was embarrassing was what I did to my hair.

There was an engineer who had his hair quite fluffy. It was sticking up, but not spiky, if that makes sense. It did actually look good. And you must remember this was the early to mid eighties, and everyone had big hair. I wanted my hair to look better. Not that I was competing with this engineer, but because I felt inspired by him. We never really spoke, so I suppose he inspired me from afar. I bought myself some hairspray (I think it was called Falcon or something – I’m not sure if it still available today) and styled my hair in a floppy yet spiky way. Now my hair is extremely strong. It is fine and very straight. And I’m sure it does what it wants to do. So I went to work with my hair sticking up all over the place, held into place with this hairspray, until I got outside, in the wind, and had to wait for the bus. By the time I had got to work, only half of the hair was up, the other half was down and goodness only knows how the back was. I also had to wear the vice-like trumpet headset all day, so there was also a ridge going over the top. Embarrassing enough, but I think I wore my hair like that for about a month. I don’t think I ever looked at the engineer again after that.

Moving forward a few years, there was a talent night in one of the local pubs, which took place every Sunday night. It was a bit like ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ but on a much smaller scale and without the judges. It was open to everyone. In the beginning, only a handful of people attended. The acts were funny, and entertaining. And the nights were good. A lot of my family went, and every so often one of them would go on stage and perform a song, or dance or mini show. One of our friends suggested that we (Me and her) perform the following week. I thought it was a good idea. I was drinking wine, quantro and lemonade in a tall glass at the time which will probably explain why I said yes.  Well, we practised the song (“You’re the one that I want” from Grease – I’m not sure what its correct title is) using plastic spoons as microphones, and drinking lemon Hooch and eating strawberries. We were good. Maybe to ourselves, but we were. We were ready to perform. The Sunday night arrived, and we walked into the room. It was full to overflowing. Our party always sat in the corner at the back, so there were seats for us, but I have no idea why it was so busy that night. I’d mentioned to a few people that I was doing the song with my friend, but that could not have been the reason why so many people turned up. Well that was it. Being the shy type, my nerve went. We got up on stage – we’d talked one of my cousins in to providing some backing harmonies for us – and the second problem occurred. The musicians didn’t know the music. So we asked them just to strum their guitars, and we would sing anyway. My friend started singing, but the wrong words. I just stood there, and someone from the room shouted “What does the dummy do?” I just started laughing and had to leave the stage. Luckily the place was dark, so I don’t think my luminous red face was that noticeable as I walked through the crowd to my seat in the corner.

I love my embarrassing moments. Well, not all of them, and there really are some humdingers that I really do want to forget. I’ll use EFT on the memory of these extremely awkward moments to see if that will make them feel any better – I’m sure it will. The way I see things now, there is no point regretting anything I have done – they’re done, and that’s that. The two examples above have only come back to mind since I started writing this blog, so I’m sure there will be more.  I think I can see some intense tapping coming up very soon.

Secret teachings

I recently discovered this article on

John is one of the teachers featured in The Secret, and I would recommend you either read the book or watch the movie – or both! It is extremely worth it! Oh, and visit John’s site as well – I’d better put that as I’ve ‘borrowed’ his article!

The Value of an hour.

When I was 21 years-old, a gentleman asked me what I thought the value of an hour was. I honestly did not know how to answer the question. He went on to teach me one of the most valuable lessons I have ever learned.

He suggested that the value of an hour was priceless. This confused me some, so this is what he said to me.

“If you invest one hour each day in understanding yourself and your environment better, you will accumulate nine 40-hour weeks over the course of a year!”

Yikes! As you can imagine I was blown away when he put it to me that way.

Nine 40-hour weeks? This seemed impossible until I did the math. 365 days, times one hour each is…yup, nine 40-hour weeks!

He went on to ask me how good I could get at something if I did it all day, every day for just over 2 months. Well, you already know the answer to that.

I thought I could be awesome!

He went on to tell me that over the course of just five years, I would have invested the equivalent of 1,825 hours of focus on whatever I desired to accomplish my life.

Imagine for a minute, how good you can become at anything that you did one hour a day for the next year. How fit could you get? How much more in love would you get and give? How much more money could you earn?

Let me suggest that one hour is a small price to pay in comparison to the payoff. Just one hour a day may be the razor’s edge you need to really get the results you want in your life.

For me, the decision was easy. I have been studying human potential and the mind for over 20 years. Each time I think I’m getting a good handle on it, I am gently reminded of how much there is to observe and learn.

Is getting what you want worth an hour a day? I certainly hope so.

I still manage to set aside my hour to read motivational stories or listen to inspirational people. They are the fuel for my mind and it keeps me learning and yearning for more.

Please adopt an hour a day for yourself! Pick one area of your life that you want to improve and commit the next 90 days to that one thing.

I assure you that the results you achieve will be well worth the decision! And remember…you can’t take out of life more than you put in.

Clicking on the photos above should link to the respective websites.

From Manchester to New York City in a split second!

I’ve always, well for a very long time, wanted to visit Iceland. There’s something about the island that is ‘reaching out’ to me. I don’t know what it is, but it is a very strong feeling that I have to go there someday. It’s not an urgent feeling; it’s more like something to look forward to. And I haven’t gone yet as I like the feeling, if that makes sense. Since the Eyjafjallajokull volcano started erupting back in March, Iceland has been in the news quite a bit, and it has also been in quite a few documentaries.

I love places of interest, and historic places. I’ve been to Nazareth, which really had an amazing feel to it, although it didn’t look like I expected it to. I’ve been to the Pyramids in Egypt, the ones near Cairo, and I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Stunning is an understatement considering their size and how old they are. I’ve been to Conway Castle in North Wales (and other castles around the country) and try to think of how they were when they were newly built – I also try to imagine how the people who used them went about their day.

Years ago, when I was at school, I was doing a project on the USA, for some reason. I’m sure it was in my French lessons too, which seems a bit bizarre, but that’s the memory I’m getting (school was a bit of a just go and get it over with place. I loved the learning, but didn’t like the speaking in front of the class sessions, the PE, or the bullying.) I gathered loads of brochures on the USA from some travel agents and cut out various pictures for my project. Like the feelings I’m now having for Iceland, I was having similar feelings for New York. The Empire State Building. The Statue of Liberty. The twin towers of the World Trade Center. I made these the centre pieces of my project, and then other things related to the USA were sub-topics around them. I don’t think I wrote the project completely in French either, but there must have been some French words thrown in. I can’t speak a word of French now, but always remember ‘listen and repeat’; ‘écouter et répéter’ or something like that. Apologies if that’s wrong, but it’s how I remember it! Anyway, in the early nineties I had the opportunity to go to New Haven in Connecticut, which is the state next-door to New York, and of course we went to New York City. We went via the train, which ended up becoming the underground in NYC. Got off at Grand Central Station (the one with the big clock) and then walked out of one of the doors into a side street. It reminded me of Manchester. A side street in Manchester. I thought ‘I’ve travelled all this way to come to Manchester’ and I remember feeling underwhelmed. Absolutely underwhelmed. (I love Manchester by the way, but was expecting New York to be the New York from my project.) We then walked round a corner and we were slap-bang in the middle of the New York as I imagined it. The wide roads, the long straight roads, the yellow taxis, the very tall buildings, more yellow taxis, the hundreds of people walking about – I was blown away by the fact that I was actually there. It was as though the universe was teasing me with that Manchester side-street in New York so I would be even more surprised by what I experienced. And I’m glad that it happened that way, for that is one amazing experience I will never, ever forget.

Another place I am having a ‘calling’ to, although not as strong as Iceland, is Machu Picchu in Peru. Another historic place where I’m sure to visit one day.

Full circle

I remember one of the characters in ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ saying something along the lines of “The hardest thing to do in life is to live in it.” I think that is really just a matter of balance. Going on from what I said in my previous post, about happiness, how we live our lives is entirely up to us. We can choose to be happy, or not. We can choose to make our lives easy, or not. Everything is down to how we see it. Our perception of the things around us makes the basis for how we live our lives. The thing is, it seems to be so much easier to see the negatives, or point out the failures, or think things are not good enough or we’re not worthy of good things happening to us. Yes, it is easy to think that way. Just as it is easy to think the other way, too. A failure isn’t too bad when you think of it as a lesson learned. Sometimes, things aren’t good enough, but that’s no reason to see the negative side of it, just look at it from a different angle and make some improvements. I’m well worthy of great things happening to me, and, do you know what? They do.

I know that now. Years ago, only ‘bad’ happened to me. Actually, that’s a lot over-dramatic. Only ‘bad’ happened at the same time as all of the good things that happened. I chose to focus on some of the events that were happening to me from the negative viewpoint, and could only see the ‘bad’ from there. Some of those ‘bad’ events have become lodged in my memory, but they have been modified over time to seem even worse. I’ve used an amazing system called Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT, and some of those memories no longer have the same effect on me. The memories are still there, by the way. When I first started using, or doing, EFT, I started to feel queasy, so stopped it. I’ve recently found out that this is quite normal though, as the system is ‘cleaning’ the ‘bad’ away. Whenever I use EFT now, I feel fine. No, in fact, I feel great! I strongly recommend you have a look into EFT if you have a chance.

I think the quote above was from the musical ‘Buffy’ episode, ‘Once more with feeling.’

And feelings are an important aspect of how good our lives are. If we’re not feeling good, we’re noticing more things that aren’t good. When we are feeling good, we’ll see more things to make us feel good. Sounds obviously logical, doesn’t it? This is one of the key areas where the Law of Attraction works its magic. The universe is providing it’s part in helping us to see the universe how we feel it should be – you may want to read that again – I’ve had to read it a few times to satisfy myself that it does make sense! So, to add to the confusion just a bit, we are actually telling the universe to show us what we feel we are seeing. We are part of the universe (remember, the one-ness) so in effect we are telling ourselves what to see. Therefore we are telling ourselves what to feel. Everything comes full circle. We can choose whether we have an easy life or not.

Saturday Happy day!

On one of the forums that I visit, one of the posters has reminded me that our ultimate goal is to be happy. The material things like houses, money, cars, and other possessions, are nice to have, but they are not really of any use if we are not happy. Having loads of friends is nice, but what use are we to them if we are un-happy and grumpy all of the time? ‘I want to be happy’; it’s not a strange thought, is it? It’s not some kind of ‘new-age’ thinking, or religious brain-washing. It’s not a way to take over the world with a radical movement. Nor is it a stretch of the imagination to actually achieve.  Happiness is just there. Free. For the taking. Screaming ‘have me!’  From now on, I’m going to help myself to great big loads of the stuff. OK, I’ve not yet got that great big house that I keep dreaming of – but I’m happy now, just the same. My job isn’t as rewarding, fun, enjoyable, thought-provoking or interesting as it could be, but all that aside, I’m happy. I’m even happier when I’m not at work! I don’t have the biggest circle of friends in the world, and those I do have I see once in a blue moon, so that gives me more time to be with Me, and make sure that I’m happy! All those years of bullying and tormenting I endured throughout school from teachers as well as pupils alike may have dented my perceptions of other people slightly, but that is no excuse not to be happy now. The fact that I was (and still am) rubbish at every sport on the planet does not give me the right not to be happy. No matter how hard I try to think of a reason why I shouldn’t be happy (and some reasons are VERY convincing) one word pops into my head just afterwards. That word is ‘and’. With a question mark after it. ‘And?’ Who would have thought it? One small word that is used over and over again, and generally isn’t noticed the vast majority of the time, is one of the fundamental key issues in the pursuit of happiness. Well, I’ll be. Happy.

Happy I was last night too. My regular haunt hadn’t closed last week as expected; it’s closing this week instead. So I got one last chance to sit in the same place where I have for the last three-plus years. I was asked if I would be going again tonight – I said I would, but now I don’t think I’ll bother – one, to save a little bit of money, and two, it’ll be open again soon with a new name and a new look. The place where I always sit may still be there.

For the rest of today, Happy Saturday, I’m planning on chillin’ out! Popping round to Mum and Dad’s this afternoon, watching Smallville and generally doing absolutely bugger-all! Not doing, just being. So today, I am living up to the trade description of the species – a human BEING. Can’t get much better than that.

Here’s a quote to finish with…

Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive – Elbert Hubbard

Part Two!

Another weekend is here. Time certainly is flying by. It only seems like yesterday that we in Britain were deep under snow, but that was four months ago! I think it’s a bit colder now, but other than that the feather’s wine!

Another day spent at work finished at 5pm. I’m not going to write about it, because, well, there aren’t really any words that describe what actually goes on there. I get paid for doing my job, and that’s that. Work time is just the time between doing everything else. It has to be done. So it is.

Now onto better things. I watched Emmerdale for the first time in ages last night and was surprised to see Suzanne Shaw from Dancing on Ice is now appearing there. I was made up for her when she won the ice skating – her dance where she was flying was amazing – I have to check it out every once in a while on YouTube. The actor who plays Aaron seems to be doing a good job. It’s traumatic enough to come out, but to have to do it in court in front of everybody, well, that just adds to the trauma.

I think I’ve actually gone back in. I don’t know what has happened to me over the last few years. My fun personality has been replaced with something completely different. I was never one for great conversation, a bit on the shy side, but I always managed to enjoy myself and have a laugh every day. I still have a laugh and enjoy myself now, but not like I used to. There’s an action point for me. More on this later!

I think I’ll go out tonight. I usually go out just once a month nowadays and I went out last week, but feel like popping into town. I’d love to say paint it red, but my paint colour wouldn’t pass the trade’s description act. Going out will have to suffice. Still, I’ll enjoy it. I’ve got a bit of a problem though. My usual haunt has closed down for a refurbishment, so I’ll need to visit somewhere else. Decisions, decisions on a Friday night. Ah well, onward and upward.

Speaking of onward and upward, I’ve just got back into (I think) the first series of Smallville on the SyFy Channel. Didn’t see last night’s episode though as the Sky Plus thingy clashed between Smallville and Emmerdale, and Emmerdale won. That goes to show that things are meant to happen. I was meant to see Emmerdale yesterday. I’d actually thought I’ve seen all of the episodes of Smallville up until the last series, but obviously not. It’s always nice when you get to see something new!

So there’s a bit more about me. I told you there’d be more.

Hello world!

Well, hello indeed!

I’ve decided to start blogging. See that picture up there? That’s the universe, that is! Well part of it. I’m not sure if it’s the part that I’m in, but thinking about it, it can’t be, as I’m here and that’s there. But thinking about it more, the uni-verse is just one rhythm, and everything is part of that one-ness, so I am in that universe. And it is in me.

I’m loving the universe, and everything in it.

I don’t understand a lot of what is going on in it, but I’ve decided to use this blog to try to get my thoughts and experiences into some sort of order. They say out of chaos comes order, so we’ll see. Not that my life is chaotic or anything, I must add.

As well as loving the universe, I’m a fan of cartoons (so expect to see a lot of them in my blog – and many thanks to the creators who, unless they read this, won’t know that I’ve ‘borrowed’ their work.) I’m a bit of a dreamer, and my imagination runs wild at times, so there may be times that my blog will make no sense whatsoever (it will do in the grand scheme of things, I promise!) I believe in the Law of Attraction, Cosmic Ordering, Witchcraft, the power of the universe (hence the bit at the beginning… see a bit more sense got!) Sadly, I work Monday to Friday, so don’t have much time to do very much nowadays (like exercise, lose weight, socialise, have fun etc.) but I try to do a bit. There’ll probably be a bit more information about me throughout the blog, as it is about me.

I try not to be judgmental but sometimes it’s hard not to be when I come across something I don’t like. All I ask is that (if you decide to read my blogs on a regular basis) you don’t judge me too harshly. Words on a screen can be interpreted in many different ways to their true meaning, and I mean no offence in what I write. But if you do judge me harshly, I’m not that bothered – it’s your own judgment, your own personal thoughts, and anything personal of yours has nothing to do with me. Oh, and remember the Power of Threefold Return (usually applies to deeds, but can work for thoughts too!)

I’m also writing a book. I’ve not actually started it yet, but have been planning the plotlines for the last few months, so occasionally, I’ll try some snippets out on here, to see how things look. The book will be an acclaimed success – I know that much!

I’ll not use any real names in my blog (you didn’t really think I’m called Aquatom, did you?) and promise to stick to the truth (unless I’m posting excerpts from my book, or other made-up stuff) and will ‘pad out’ other details of my life as the blog progresses.

This is a work in motion. I hope it will be fun (I intend it to be, even the heavy stuff). If you want to come along for the journey, you are more than welcome. If not, I’ll be here if you want to pop back every now and then to have a nosey.

And here’s a bit of fun for today’s blog…

Until next time!