Videos. I love videos. Music videos. Adverts. Snippets from movies or TV shows. I’ve set this page up so that I can include any video that I come across that makes me feel good. The video will play in this page, or if you click on the video you will go to the contributor’s page or channel on You Tube…

I just love this!

😀 Others like it too… their comments are posted below!

Here’s something I have just stumbled across whilst browsing the web. Ties in with both the Me! Me! Me me me! thing I’ve got going on, and a rather fun link to Galileo – who is part of the 1642 thing I’ve got going on. There’s lots going on, so take a random breather. Sit back and feel good:

Walk On!

And… Shakespear’s Sisters’ version “Stay!”:

Fancy a little ‘Desire’?


We could be heroes…

15 thoughts

  1. i luv the muppets my fave is muppets xmas carol i watch it in summer too great vid this one isnt animal great lol xxjen


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