I’ve had to update my email address here on WordPress, due to the old one failing to work. OK, it failed because I needed to log in via the website to retrieve a message as my email client thingy had been made redundant by the email provider due to their two-check verification system, and I couldn’t remember my password. To add to the woes, the password reminder email address is now also obsolete, and the mobile number they had to send a verification code to was disconnected last year. So, that account is now floating around in the internet ether, as I couldn’t prove I am who I am, and I have a new email address to use.

The last time I changed my email address here on WordPress, any comments I left on other sites needed to be approved, as they were awaiting moderation.

There seems to be an intermittent issue at the moment with comments going into spam, so with my email address change, that may (or may not) send my comments into your spam folder. Any excuse is a good one, is it not?

It may (or may not!) also send your comments here into my spam folder, so I’ll be double-checking that folder just in case.

Change is good, right? Keeps us all on our toes.

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        1. That’s good… I’ve left a few comments here and there this morning, and none of them seemed to vanish, so (touch wood) it looks like business as usual!

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    1. My new email address was accepted by WordPress fine, Susan, it was Gravatar that had an issue this time! But my comments seem to be behaving, which is a good thing!


  1. That would have been me in the same state of rage as the Internet rage that overcame me a couple of nights ago 😳 😅 when the Internet connection dropped out and wouldn’t upload 4 tiny files🤪Mind you, your issue sounds much much worse!

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        1. Don’t know about that, I’m afraid. There must be a button somewhere to cancel it… or a toggle… or a swipe… finding it’s the problem though. I had a phone once where I couldn’t find the bloomin’ phone book in it 🙄 I felt very daft when I had to ask someone to find it for me! 🤪😊

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          1. You couldn’t find the phone book?!! But that is the easiest thing to find on your 📱 TomAstreaus!! How could you miss a clomping great big apple that?😂 Those uploads were still there waiting for WiFi today and despite a bunch of app updates and a system update! U installed Google drive this am and reinstalled. Now finally they have vanished and all is relatively normal on there for now. There was a cancel button but it refused to respond on any of them. And I was determined NOT to ask anyone how to do it when I was sure I should be able to do it myself!😜

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            1. I’m OK with technology nowadays, but that phone was a tricky Windows one… I didn’t use it for long after the phone book incident.


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