Ladysighs inspired me to very quickly throw this together in her post today.

In case you are wondering what this is all about, I’ve recently started taking part in a weekly blogging challenge from Denise, at Girlieontheedge, a challenge to write a story in six sentences – and it’s very addictive. It opens up a fantastic surreal new Universe across the board, both inside the stories with six sentences, and in an almost parallel bubble Universe where writers and characters exist together. Visit Denise’s blog to find out more.

My recent Six Sentence Story is here.

Have a go – it’s fun… the next ‘edition’ is out Sunday!

25 thoughts

  1. serially, excellent work (and thanks to your Muse, Ladysighs)…

    Your cover is a reminder of what makes the virtual world so much fun.

    I will hazard that while it’s safe to say all of us here are possessed of a certain drive to be creative, every so often someone takes a step sideways and does a thing that make the rest of us say, ‘Damn! How cool is that?’

    And, by doing so, remind us all of the nature of the place we meet.

    Creating (and furnishing) worlds and communities, cafés and clubhouses is not only very satisfying and fulfilling and such, it’s way better than anything on TV.

    good work, yo

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    1. Thanks again, Clark. 😊
      It’s all part of the creative process, and you’re absolutely right… this expanded universe building is extremely satisfying.


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