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      1. I was referring to myself about the few and far between light bulb moments. Sometimes, for me I feel it is dim in the attic but you’re young and have a lot of bright moments ahead. 😃

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        1. I too have those dim times, Eugenia 🤣 but lately there’s been an explosion of ideas… it seems to be all or nothing.
          I do like being described as young though! 🙂😊


    1. Hi Sue, and my pleasure! 🙂
      I’m running out of time for ideas right now, which is rather frustrating! But I can’t complain, as I did ask for inspiration! 🙂

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        1. I try to make each post different, Sue, but with my inspiration, sometimes the light’s on but nobody’s home. Lately, though, I think they’ve put new bulbs in! 🤣

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