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Meanwhile, Skaglad approached a tavern.

He knew Pickanickl had somehow managed to escape him and decided his pursuit of her was over. There were more prisoners in the P’tor Caves he could play with, and decided to no longer spend any time chasing her. She was only the second to get away from him, which he found commendable. However he was also aware she wasn’t called Flighty Pickanickl for nothing, and for that reason alone he wanted to capture her. He decided he would tell Ynayna nothing about Pickanickl’s escape, for although Ynayna had grown tired of her pet, she would still be annoyed, and Skaglad wanted to keep the Judge happy. Less known the better, he thought.

He burst through the double doors to the tavern with such force he knocked one of the drunks to the floor, who was unfortunate enough to have been standing behind it. Skaglad walked to an empty table, sat beside it, and pointed to the serving wench. He then pointed to the table and shouted “Ale. Now.”

“We don’t serve demons in here.” A man said from the next table.

“I am Skaglad, Demon Guard of the P’tor Caves. You have no right to refuse my custom.”

“You may have that right in the Darklands, but not here in Theglen. Your High Judge Ynayna herself signed the law. I’m sure you remember. And I know exactly who you are.”

Skaglad stood and left the tavern without another word.

Pickanickl was a wise one.

More soon…

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