Man – shone – ick

I’m not returning to blogging just yet, but just getting prepared to do so in the next few weeks. I still have a lot to sort out, and in between the times I’m doing that and resting, and eating, I need to start using my mind again. Writing helps with that.

As things have changed around here, I feel it’s time that the blog changes slightly as well. Just the name of the blog for now… we’ve gone Beyond the Sphere far enough, and it’s now time to see things from a more Mansionic Perspective.

Other than that though, things are pretty much the same.

Or they will be, once I return.

See you soon.

13 thoughts

  1. The “Mansionic Perspective”… now interesting! I look forward to seeing how this new perspective pans out🙂 I shall certainly be here looking out for you when you’re ready to put in an appearance….in fact, and unfortunately for all those other lovely bloggers out there, you are the only one I’m managing to look out for at the moment! Not intentional ignorance but the “pandemic perspective” seems to have taken over my life of late and not making any good progress on the blog front🤔 But you pop up in my emails regularly unlike anyone else so my email obviously knows how much I enjoy your online blogging company! For now I will work on visiting some of the many posts I have missed on your blog and wait patiently for your return. I have lost so many people I know to the coronavirus it’s like living in a war zone. But when, for whatever reason it may be you lose a family member it is a whole different world of pain. So take as much time as you need and Wolfie will be here amongst your many blogging friends whenever that time maybe. There’s only one you and you’re well worth waiting for in or out of blogging world🤗 Take care and know you are never alone, you have all of us here in your blog, real people in a virtual world😊

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    1. Thank you, Icewolf, what a lovely comment (apart from the coronavirus losses – I’m sorry to read that).
      I’m happy to read your email is prompting you regularly about me, but hopefully not in a spamming or trolling way 😳!
      I also enjoy reading your perspective on the Universe at large, and when I return to blogging, which I’m hoping will be soon, I’ll be trying to catch up with some of your earlier posts I may have missed.
      Thank you again, and I will ‘see’ you soon. 🙂


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