Being Human

The truth to being human is out there, apparently.

In actuality, the truth to being human is in here. In the mind, that is, not in the computer or other device these words are appearing on. And, for truth to be told, words are just words. Sometimes, they are numbers, but usually words.

When used together words (and numbers) can have a major manipulative affect on the truth. I read today that repetition makes things seem true, when they actually aren’t. I’ll repeat: repetition makes things seem true. Seem.

Articles which are repeated may or may not be true, but as they seem true can have parts taken from them and added to other repeated articles, seamlessly expanding the article into another variation of the truth, which, once again, because it’s been repeated seems true.

It must be true, because we’ve read it before, right?

I’ve read a lot of slightly different similar stuff lately. I’ve started venturing down the odd rabbit hole or two, back to the very beginning of where the truth came from. I burrowed through tunnels and leapt into different branches following different shoots and pathways, and then, when I reached a dead end, I stopped. As you do at a dead end. I thought: why am I in this rabbit hole? I’m not a rabbit, I’m human.

Or so I’m told.

I had intended for this to be a Thomasina (my Inner Woman) post, but for some reason Fingers (my Inner Typist, who’s been practicing by the looks of things!) took me elsewhere! Although this means one thing… my Inner Beings are stirring once again!

12 responses to “Being Human”

  1. bcparkison avatar

    Interesting thoughts and strange but interesting art work.

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    1. Tom avatar

      Rabbit holes and Inner Beings, Beverly. A strange combination.

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  2. Chris Hall avatar

    Don’t fight, let them out! Could be fun 😉

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    1. Tom avatar

      I do from time to time, Chris… and it can be fun. I think the last time Thomasina was on the scene, she had classical paintings created that featured her!

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      1. Chris Hall avatar

        I like a bit of classical art 🙂

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        1. Tom avatar



  3. prenin avatar

    Interesting thought Tom! 🙂 ❤

    We exist inside a calcium based shell, supported by organs we cannot see using sensors which give us some idea of the world outside, even if the view is upside down! 🙂 ❤



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    1. Tom avatar

      It’s upside down on the backs of our eyes, Prenin… all over the place everywhere else! 🤣

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  4. Visionkeeper avatar

    I was expecting a painting of a half rabbit half man…..Isn’t that what humans truly are? Well not all I guess. So many choose not to venture down any rabbit holes and stay locked in their perceived realities….Groan….It’s so important to be curious and question rather than conforming. Glad you had a good journey TL…..VK 🙂

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    1. Tom avatar

      Thanks, VK. I always have a good journey… just find myself lost from time to time. Exploring’s good, though.


  5. Diane Henders avatar

    Love the artwork – it’s just as mind-bending as the post… 😉

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    1. Tom avatar

      Thanks Diane. The artwork was created on an old app on the mobilius phoneus, can’t remember the name of it, it was quite mind-bending watching it work!


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