This week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge is to look for buildings of the past.

I didn’t have time to go exploring, so I had a look through my old photos and came across this building which has appeared in the past on my blog.

The first three images are my attempts to make the photo look older than it actually is, using the photo editor in PaintShop Pro. (Briefly using the photo editor in PaintShop Pro, I must add, as you can tell I have loads to learn!)

The fourth image was altered in a free online photo editor, LunaPic. I just piled on the effects until I got this dramatic image.

Given time, I’m sure I’ll be able to master photo editing. And photo taking, thinking about it!

23 thoughts

    1. I thought you’d like it, Chris! It’s so easy to use to the point where there’s no challenge… apart from the challenge of choosing which effects to use, that is!

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  1. Photo got a bit hot to handle did it?! Went up like a house on fire!😉Kust been checking out Lunapic… something tells me I won’t get the jobs of the day done at all now! I look forward to seeing more of your editing 😀

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    1. It did get a little out of hand, Icewolf. Good job I stopped when I did.
      I’ll venture back intl Lunapic very soon, I think.
      Hope you got your work done! 🙂


      1. “Lunapic” has been running through my head ever since you mentioned it…I’m wondering if it was this I used in the early days of my jaunt into the online world to create an animated snow effect for a wolf🤔Probably something else but it sounds somehow familiar from somewhere…the effects don’t seem familiar though!

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        1. It could have evolved over the years, Icewolf. Things change very rapidly on th’web. Look at WordPress… it’s constantly changing! 😀


            1. That they do, Icewolf! I only touch the editor to set the featured image and correctly align things that need centering/centring (???), the new editor doesn’t seem to like Live Writer’s formatting there… 🙂


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