I sit here hiding
me and my collywobbles
… there’s something downstairs!

Posted in response to Eugenia’s Weekly Theme: Ghostly

Image: Spooky Ghost Sitting In Bed by Kylesportsman at

42 Comments on “Ghostly

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    • It is a cute ghost, Jo, isn’t it?
      My collywobbles seem to please themselves when they appear… which can be slightly off-putting!

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    • It is a good pic, Tilly, isn’t it? 🙂
      The colours and ‘feel’ of the picture are very Doctor Who-ish, I agree!


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    • Ooh… never heard of conniptions before! I don’t use collywobbles very much either… maybe it’s one of those words which needs to come back into fashion!
      Thank you, Another Kate Wilson! 🙂


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