Into the depths of the lake I looked
and saw the fishes swimming
And ducks were paddling, and quacking by,
with faces that were grinning
The heron stood staring forth with beady eyes focussed
on something distant
A lone terrapin basked upon a rock, not moving for an instant
A long blue dragonfly hovered close
then zipped away up high
My attention, though, was then quickly grabbed by
a passing butterfly
On the bank a playful kitten bounced along for a little wander
As the trees on the bank swayed from side to side as the wind
was getting stronger
A dove perched gently upon a branch
before taking to the skies
And I was brought back to the water with the gentlest of cries
For swimming in amongst the lilies
was a little water hen
And into the depths of the lake I looked
and saw the fish again…

(Originally posted 24th February 2015)

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