I’ve never written a sonnet before. I’m not sure if I’ve written one now either, for that matter, but this is my first ever attempt at writing one. The ending’s slightly weaker than it should be, I feel, but it’s a start. That must be a first: having the start at the end! Anyway, I digress. The theme for the sonnet is strangely familiar… for me, and it’s also wearing a little thin now… but, I’m getting there!

A Thought Occurred (A Sonnet by T L Merriman)

A thought occurred as I sat down to write
This post, correct, precise and so in time
But as I typed the thought just went, took flight,
Cleared out, vanished! Leaving an empty mind
This mind of mine so full of thoughts no more
Is not ideal for me in any way
Thinking, waiting, typing, ‘til fingers sore
Wanting something worthwhile and new to say
The words are there, I know, hidden from view
As if they play a game of hide and seek
And once I work out what I need to do
To set them free I’ll use them so to speak

I’ll play with words, I’ll mix them up, have fun,
I’ll write once more. For now this post is done.

(Originally posted 27th April 2014)

6 thoughts

    1. Thanks, Beverly. I’m fine… I just took a break from Blogland. I usually do around this time of the year, but didn’t want any blogging gaps, hence the old reposts. As some are so old, they’ll probably never be seen by newer readers.

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