Over the weekend, I bombarded Blogland with a selection of small paintings I had created using watercolour brush pens, topped with Pébéo paints. I didn’t publish all of them, there were a couple which were considerably different to the others, but I’ve included them in this summary post.

I’ve also included a twenty pence piece to show the size of the paintings, as seeing them on screen belies the actual size of them!

Looking at the closer part of the image above, the one to the left of the coin was created using the Pébéo paints only. I was only experimenting with them, as these paints are meant to merge and split with each other, an effect I didn’t get on the mixed media paper I was using. I will continue to experiment with these paints in the future as they take on a life of their own, if used correctly!

The one to the right of the coin, ‘Pink Bubbles’, was missing something, but I’m not sure what… quite possibly a little more colour! With the burst of colour from the others, it seems just a little bland, maybe. But then, a contrast or an exception to the norm is always good.

My next batch of these watercolours will probably appear on my other blog, Splodge and Splatter.

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  1. Ah, nice to see the entire set – very cheerful and colourful! And it’s interesting to see them with the “scale object” – the closeups have so much detail in them, they seem much larger. 🙂

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