Range of Colour

This is an ATC-sized watercolour pen creation I did a while back which I wasn’t particularly happy with. It’s somewhat abstract with the floating tree-like thingies at the bottom of the picture and the colours used.

I covered the painting (penning?)  at the time of creation with a Pébéo fluid really just to see what would happen. It just made the surface shiny so I thought nothing more of it.

The texture caught my eye today, so I took a photo of it. I quite like how the shine in the photo enhances the texture, and the colours.

I still don’t know if I like the painting, but I like the colours.

ATCs are Artist Trading Cards, which measure only 2 12 by 3 12 inches, and are fun to create. I think I may have a go at creating more of these little masterpieces. Well, you never know!

23 thoughts

    1. Hehehe! Mouthwatering Mountains sound like they belong in some fantasy tale, Chris… as do the Mountains of Turkish Delight! My mouth is watering now!

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  1. I like both the painting and the colours! They’re beautiful. I can see why the texture and the shine caught your eye, the painting has a 3D sculpturesque look to it. Very interesting!

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