Bank Holiday Monday

It’s Bank Holiday Monday
That feels like a Sunday
No different from a Saturday
But hey!
Just as Friday
With a hint of Thursday
And a touch of Wednesday
Blended with Tuesday
Four walls
My walls
Keeping the outside out
Not quite a lonely planet
But that’s how it feels

No trip to the beach
No barbecue, I’m glad
No polite conversation
But I’m not sad

It’s Bank Holiday Monday
Or one very long day
From when lockdown started
The outside departed
To today
Life in a ghost town
Gentle silence all around
Nothing much to make me frown
Mostly (apart from what’s going down
In the news)
But that’s always the same
Different players, same old game
Feed the fear
Spread the panic
Everywhere full of the pandemic

But it’s Bank Holiday Monday
So it’s a fun day
A part of one day
When lockdown said hey!
Stick it out

And most, I can say

6 thoughts

  1. Memorial Day over here across the pond….The four walls are becoming closer. There has to be relief from this insanity! They will do anything to keep us indoors and yet it is the sunshine and fresh air that will save our butts as sunshine and heat kills the virus. So why do so many listen to the garbage? Frustrating time to be not only alive, but AWAKE! Soon there will be revolution for our freedom. Everyone has had enough of not just this virus, but of EVERYTHING….Enjoy your bank holiday. How ironic. Lots of money being pocketed off this pandemic. VK 🙂

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