I heard the Carpenter’s song the other day, where Karen referred to trying to contact the good folk aboard their most extraordinary craft.

Recently, I tried myself a most extraordinary craft – trying to photograph the Moon! I managed to get a blurry photo through glass, which I posted the other day, but in another of my attempts this photo is what came out. It was taken through glass, and the Moon is almost visible in the secondary reflected image, but the actual Moon looks more like the Sun.

So, I decided to try to tweak the image in Paint Shop Pro.

The Moon went brighter.

Then it morphed into a scene that would be ideal for a Hallowe’en backdrop.

Next, I tried to play around with the darkness and the lights, which created this effect above.

I then went for the selective focus option, which brought in more blue.

Then I added more lights, and softened the image a little.

Then I completely lost track of what I was doing and just started clicking every filter and effect I could find.

When I saw the Milky Way start coming into view, I decided to stop. There’s only so far you can take things.

It’s a good job this is Debbie’s Six Word Saturday and not Six Picture Saturday, because obviously I’ve overshot that target. Mind you, I’ve done the same with words as well, but I won’t say anything if you don’t!

18 thoughts

  1. Actually, your photo series would be a good theme for a challenge! Find a single, solitary object in nature that you can photograph safely while maintaining social boundaries and in 10 photos, show off fun with filters.

    That was cool!

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    1. We can’t go out except for exercise or shopping at the moment, Beth, so we can’t get out into nature as such… but there are plenty of things inside that could be photographed. I may look into this further in the coming weeks! 😀


      1. True, we’re all kind of restricted. But on the other hand, most of us have a smart phone, and if you’re out exercising and happen to see something interesting…or even have folks look in their yards. But you’re right, inside would work as well. Filters do cool stuff, as you demonstrated.

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    1. Cool… I have no records whatsoever now; but if I did, I’d have nothing to play them on anyway!
      There may have been a UFO there somewhere, Chris. Or something to plant this idea…


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