Becky is hosting another Squares photography challenge this month, the theme being ‘TOP’. I’ve said I will participate again this month, although maybe not every day.

My imaginative interpretation of the theme today is ‘treetops’, and there are quite a few tops of trees in the above square photograph! Click the panel below to go to Becky’s site to see more top squares!

Squares header Logo!

16 thoughts

            1. Yay! I think I’ve sunburned half of my face whilst I was waiting in the queue to get into Tesco earlier today. I think the weather’s definitely improving.
              By the way Becky – I apologise for the late reply to this and a few other comments left by you. You’d been left languishing in my spam folder. I can only see that on my desktop for some reason, not my mobile… however, you aren’t spam, and I clicked the Unspam option with vigour!

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                1. I haven’t been able to like when actually on a site, although I can through the reader… when on the site, the screen just bounces around and nothing happens. These things happen from time to time!!!

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