I’m going to be rather creative over the next few weeks.

Well, that’s the ambitious plan, anyway! I’m going to be continuing my series set in the far reaches of space (Space – There’s a lot of it!), where I’ll be first creating the images based on the characters and then working that image into the storyline. I’ve done a few images already, I just need to get writing there as well!

I’ve also started another series featuring Reverence, the first part was posted earlier today in actual fact! This is set in the late Fifth Century, and I’ll be ‘borrowing’ a few characters from legends of history for cameo roles. The characters themselves may not have been from that time period, but in this story they were all around at that time. I’m also using this story to practice writing in accents, which is a little challenging but fun none the less. Hopefully, the meaning of the sentence comes through, even if the words themselves make no sense whatsoever. We shall see.

I have another series of The Superhero Diaries in the works, although I won’t be posting that on this blog. I’ll be using one of my other blogs so the story is still ‘out there’ even if nobody visits the site. I got the impression it wasn’t well-liked here on this blog, but the characters demand I write their story so it has to be published somewhere!

I’ll be continuing with my landscape creations, and rhymes based upon them. Here I’ll be popping into realms within my imagination to see where those journeys take me.

The Mansion is calling! It needs further exploration, so there will be the odd post or two about the Rooms within Rooms and other places I come across. And there have also been a few more visitors knocking at the door, all caught on that nifty security door camera. I shall get those written up shortly as well.

I’m planning on writing a follow-up story to my Legendary Circles storyline from a few years ago. I’m not sure yet whether all of the characters will be in this new version, or if it will feature a whole new batch. Time will tell.

I’m also planning on writing a gothic themed comedy series, based on some of the characters from Mystic Springs (we visit there from time to time on the blog, but it has been a while!)

I also want to write a series of short one-hundred-word stories, that actually have a beginning a middle and an end. I never managed to get all three in my previous attempts, so I wonder if I’ll manage it now.

Becky’s Squares challenge is back next month, and I want to take part in that again. I know I won’t be able to post every day, but I’ll give it a ‘top shot’! (‘Top’ is Becky’s theme this time, by the way!)

And interspersed within all that, I want to post my random rambling posts, start my Letters to the Universe again, hopefully provide a bit of Feel Good fun, and just make the most of this creative time I’ve – or rather we’ve found ourselves in!

And, I want to create more content for Splodge and Splatter as well. And comment more. And reply to comments earlier.

Not much really.

Will I succeed? Time will tell! <- Finally! Six words!!!

27 thoughts

  1. This all sounds good! I’m especially looking forward to your Space series – right up my alleyway. (I was going to say ‘worm-hole’ but that sounded a bit rude.)
    Have you thought of publishing on Wattpad? It could be a good home for your ‘Superhero Diaries’ – there’s a lot of fanfic and fantasy there – and of course you must do as your characters ask. I published ‘Space Cadets’ on there last week (and rectified that number you spotted this morning). I’ve not only had a couple of readers, but I haven’t really engaged with people on there so far.

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    1. Hehehe – you made me laugh, Chris: worm-hole!
      I know you know I’ve joined Wattpad now – thanks for the recommendation, I’ve never heard of it before. Still trying to figure things out over there.
      And yes, Space will be continuing shortly!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Righto. I saw something last night that when I clicked on it, it said ‘don’t worry, this won’t be available for 24 hours’. I can’t remember what it was, and now can’t see anything to click on – or anywhere to click to find something else to click on! Sigh. New stuff, eh? 😉

          Liked by 1 person

            1. It was the stats, Chris. I can get in today, but there are no stats there as yet. How to actually get to it through the links is still a mystery, but I copied the URL: wattpad. com my works. It’ll be fine in time…

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