I’m taking another blogging break.

I know I haven’t really returned from the last one fully yet, but there is a different reason for this break. I have only gone and developed Bell’s palsy, and the whole right side of my face is paralysed.

I have a gorgeous smile on the left side of my mouth, and nothing on the other. I can now blink with only one eye. Flare one nostril. Pick up different sounds with my right ear. And I have a gorgeously smooth forehead – on the right side.

I can’t close my right eye, so I have to sleep with an eye mask on, and use eye drops to stop my eye drying out. I’m taking steroid medication for the muscle loss.

I have to get as much rest as I can, although I am still working and concentrating on computer screens, so I have to try to get a balance between being on screen and off, which is why I’m taking time away from my own computer.

Hopefully, this won’t be for too long, but we shall see. I can’t in all honesty stay away from Blogland for that long, so I’ll undoubtedly be popping in and out as I love reading your posts, even if I do so only as a lurker. I’ll probably be liking more and commenting less, but again we shall see there as well.

It’s only my face that’s affected, and the rest of me feels fine, and I’m handling what has happened OK. I can even see the comical side of it… especially when I laugh. When I laugh, it sets others laughing, which makes me laugh more, so they laugh more – and so on. In the end, I have to say “Don’t make me laugh… you won’t like me when I laugh.” And we laugh.

It’s a reminder really… anything can happen at any time, which makes it all the more important to enjoy the moments before that ‘anything’ happens. And really, more than ever, to keep Feeling Good.

I was going to switch the comments off for this post, but I’ve decided to leave them on. If you do leave a comment, I will try to reply as soon as I can… and this goes for all of the other comments on the other posts you’ve left recently that I’ve failed to reply to.

I shall apologise for this delay, and advise that normal service will be resumed in due course.

Keep smiling! Open-mouthed smile

47 thoughts

  1. Well now TL, I do hope all goes well for you and things clear up sooner rather than later. Very sorry to hear about this. That must be a very frightening experience when it first happens! There is a lesson to be learned within the trauma TL…There always is and most often it is for the better. Out of all bad comes good my friend. Sending blessings and healing your way. Rest well ….VK ❤

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    1. Thanks, VK. Yes, I’m seeing positives. I wasn’t too frightened as the symptoms seemed to appear gradually, but I had to be tested for other things, in case it was a stroke I’d had, and I did feel a little worried in the hospital… and the ambulance that took me there. Still. I was treated by very nice people… although they all told me my blood pressure was high. Just resting now and not doing what I said, and popping on here before I log off properly for my break.
      Thank you for your kind words, VK.

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      1. Scary stuff TL….I hope you get better quickly and are back in the game 100%…Regain your strength and stay restful. Sending prayers your way…I hope the mansion takes good care of you 🙂 VK

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  2. Oh Tom..something is always jumping in our way. But I have to ask…Have you had any toxic ‘shots’ lately?Something caused this…It doesn’t just fall out of the sky…well…actually some of the toxic stuff does but hopefully youll get this thing beat.

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    1. Thanks, Beverly. It is certainly a different experience. It just happens, this condition, for unknown reasons… or perhaps to the select few. Stress or virus could also bring it on… and it is that time of the year… I’m hoping for a swift improvement, but it has to run its course. Thanks for commenting, Beverly.


    1. Thanks, Susan.
      I have more movement in my face now, although not complete just yet. I’m loving the resting, which has to be helping the recovery.


  3. I’m a strong believer that things happen for a reason Tom, maybe to slow us down to see things that we are missing or lead us along different paths. Acceptance even though we don’t like the things that are happening to us makes it easier. Feel the love from everyone on this site and keep smiling because we all know that our smiles come from within. 😉❤️😇

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    1. Thanks, Elaine, and your smiles from within comment is very true.
      I’ve been enjoying a lot of relaxing lately! And I’m now smiling externally just a little better.

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  4. Your upbeat attitude is so commendable, Tom. Here’s wishing you a speedy and complete recovery. I do agree that we all have our ups and down times, but carry on with your way of thinking and, with lots of hope (piled high) you’ll recover soonest .(Hubby and I have both conquered cancer.) Upwards and onwards. Hugs x

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    1. Thanks, Becky.
      Yes, the inside has always been smiling, and so has the left side. The right side is perking up a bit now! 😀


  5. Oooh, Tom, so sorry to hear this, But, it is a good excuse to get lots of rest. So do that. Rest.Recover. Always in the knowledge that you are surrounded by lobe and blessings. xxx

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  6. Bell’s Palsy sucks! I haven’t had it myself (and hope I never do), but a couple of my friends have had it. No fun at all; although kudos to you for finding the funny side. I hope your bout with it is short! Listen to your doctor and take it easy – sending good wishes your way… 🙂

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    1. Bell’s palsy does indeed suck, Diane, unless you need to suck, and then it doesn’t! Hehehe. I’ve found novel ways of drinking through a straw! It’s actually a novel experience to go through… when I couldn’t move any of the right side of my face, I couldn’t ‘feel’ it, but now that I can partially move it, I can ‘feel’ the non-moving parts. Most odd.
      And thank you. Your wishes are working.

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  7. Sending a heap of autumn colored best wishes 🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁 Feel better soon my friend and no worries about your tempis fugiting…😁x

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      1. Tom – if you catch some tempis PLEASE can you send them my way…mine seem to have all run away, vanished in the mist… !! Glad to hear you’re feeling better though 🙂 x

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