Sue Dreamwalker has shared a post written by DG Kaye regarding techniques on how to shield ourselves from people who give off negative and/or toxic energies and therefore leave us feeling depleted. The post struck a chord with me, as I know some folk like this although I haven’t until now realised this is what is happening.

One part of Debby’s post referred to asking Archangel Michael for help with protection, which seems like the easiest option when I’m in one of those ‘heavy’ situations. The thing is with me, if I’m in any kind of stressful situation, I look closely at what is going on around me, and don’t think or don’t remember to look beyond that. I need a reminder.

So, an idea came to me. I remember more when I create something. And that is just what I’ve done. I’ve created something simple to act as a reminder.

Like I did with my candle creations a while ago, I have now created some Angel figures which I would like to give freely to anyone who would like to take one – or all. The colours represent certain aspects of some Archangels, but the colours are only there for an indication. Merely take the colour or colours you are drawn to, and then use the image as a reminder that our Angels are always with us.

I know the Angels like to help, and I’m pretty sure they gave me a little nudge in creating these as they came together very quickly indeed.

Simply right-click on the image you like, and save it. That’s all you need to do.


You can then share it, use it, or do whatever you want with it!

Another way to Share the Light!

21 thoughts

  1. Tom what another beautiful idea and gift you have created for us to share my friend.. I will most definitely be clicking an angel to share my friend.. Thank you so very much and I am pleased the reblog resonated with you Tom..
    Enjoy your week my friend 💙

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    1. Pen? Do you use Windows, Beverly, or something else? If it’s something else, I’m clueless!
      (Mind, I’m not that clued up on Windows, thinking about it!)

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  2. Thank you so much for visiting our Fey blog Tom. And happy to inspire. I thank you for the lovely angel! And you make a good point about looking beyond our situation in the moment. This is why it’s handy to shield once a week for protection because sometimes when we’re confronted by unpleasant energies we can get caught in that moment without assessing what’s happening and forget to shield 🙂

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