Yes, it’s Wednesday, so that means another blogging challenge. This week, it’s the

The extra the was deliberate. The.

And so was that the.

This week’s challenge is so easy it would appear before the very first definition for the word easy in the dictionary, it is that easy.

Above is a photo of some grafiti graffitti grafitti graffiti (goodness me!) that some rotter has sprayed on the Wall that surrounds the Mansion. A terrible state of affairs, I know, but luckily the walls here are easy clean, what with them being part of the Mansion and all, but I digress.

This week’s challenge is easy – oh, I’ve already said that! – it is merely to write a post using the image for inspiration.  Any type of post, any number of words, but the post – there is always a post but – must include the words somewhere. Whether in the title, as a sentence in the post or even as separate words, the choice is yours! Told you it was easy. Oh, the wall must feature as well.

As normal, the usual rules apply. Post your post on your blog, and link back to this post. I’ll sort the links out later. You do not have to participate, and you do not need to advise me if you aren’t participating, as I will be able to see that.

Have a go! You know secretly that you want to! The challenge runs until next Tuesday.

2 thoughts

  1. Challenge???Goodness…That is what got me started in this blog world and I still don’t do well. Your wall is nice but why do grungy people have to mess things up? Pressure wash it off and it will be good as new, or old ,what ever the age.

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