Three of four, really, but I’ve only done three so far and this is the third. If you remember, I’m in the middle of a digital painting challenge with Elaine. We have to create four paintings that work well together, look different, and use the same colours.

So far, I’ve painted Oddly Aztec and Eerily Atlantean. I have an ancient civilisations theme going on.

My third creation is named Almost Egyptian. Why? I hear you ask… well, let me explain. The almost triangles are almost pyramids, and the almost circles are almost suns. And, if you allow your eyes to go out of focus, or let your mind wander whilst glancing over in the direction of this painting, you can almost make out some hieroglyphics!

Well… it’s all about imagination and interpretation anyway. And it’s all fun!

I wonder: where will I go for my final painting? Find out in the next thrilling instalment – coming soon!

16 thoughts

  1. Having unfocused my eyes as suggested, I plunged deep into the pyramids only to discover that I was in a microscopic Aztecean world looking up at the Oddly Aztec

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