Access by balloon only
Crystal-clear panoramic views with fabulous low cloud cover throughout the Winter months; the accommodation offers three overlapping rooms – the lower of which has a spacious balcony that doubles as a balloonport.
It never rains, being above the rain, but there can be some tremendous thunderstorms to behold. Morning views of Venus are sensational, and the magic really happens on the nights of a Full Moon.
The dwelling stays aloft all year round, thanks to the Permacloud234 hydro-elevation system and there is an in-built horizontal rotation carousel for the full 360 experience.
One of its kind. A dream home for anyone.

Weekly challenge

Hélène at Willow Poetry has provided another great image for this week’s What Do You See? challenge. The badge above will link to her site… have a look!

15 thoughts

  1. Tom, it sounds so inviting, how much does it cost please, I will buy if it is within my means. 😂😁 I love your imaginative reply for this week’s prompt. What a place this would be. Not sure about thunderstorms though…I a scare of tunder.

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    1. It’s priced ‘just beyond’, Hélène… always just out of reach!
      I struggled to get an idea with this one, so just started writing away and this is what I came up with! It was fun to write. And it is a fabulous place.

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  2. Your imagination TL is on full alert…Great idea. I don’t imagine it is all that unthinkable any longer. Seems there is little we can’t create much like driverless cars etc. I guess the mansion provided you with this latest extravaganza? Love it! Well done….VK 🙂

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    1. Hehehe! They are specially created for this type of Treehouse, Diane, otherwise I’d suggest all major Pemacloud retailers – if you can find them. Hélène always provides good images for these challenges.

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    1. Yes, I can see that as a challenge, Prenin.
      But not if you owned a pair of the Permacloud345 hydro-elevation slippers. They’re light on yer feet as well! 😀


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