Dear Brexit,
As ever, you rumble ever forwards. I know that we don’t leave the European Union until March next year, and that really isn’t too far away into the future, but please let this weekend be the final FINAL agreement. Gah! You’re beginning to feature in my dreams now, and that isn’t good at all. My dream world is a politics free zone, thank you very much.

Dear Colours,
How wonderful you are, and my extensive research has revealed that some of you have very exotic sounding names. 
For example: coquelicot, firebrick and candy apple for shades of red; hansa, icterine and mikado for shades of yellow; bubbles, majorelle and liberty for shades of blue; and mardi gras, midnight and heliotrope for shades of purple.
I haven’t even started on the greens yet… or the browns…or the gr…

Dear Spellchecker, 
Please take regional spellings into account, and remember that we in the UK have an extra ‘U’ in the word colour, so there is no need to underline the word with a firebrick squiggle. Also, ‘coquelicot’, ‘mardi’ and ‘gras’ are also words. Just being helpful… as I like to be hebdomadally. Sigh.

Dear The Word Hebdomadally, 
Such a fabulous word you are, even if Spellchecker doesn’t seem to recognise you. That is quite alright, however, as it also doesn’t recognise recognise. You know that you mean ‘every week’, don’t you? Of course you do. (As in I like to be helpful every week)!

Dear WordPress, 
I’m really loving these coloured blocks in your new editor, ‘Glockenspiel’. I think it’s called Glockenspiel anyway. It may be ‘Gulliver’, or ‘Granny Smith’ (which, incidentally is the name of a shade of green, should you be called that!) 
There’s still a lot to try to get used to, and I still normally use Open Live Writer, bu I do like having a go. And this is me… having a go! 

Dear This Post, 
Yet again, I waffle aimlessy. Firecracker firebrick squiggle there, but aimlessly is a word. I’m sure. But there is a purpureous to this post. Purpureous! Hehehe! I’m playing with words again. (Purpureous is an ancient word for (you’ll never guess!) PURPLE!!! And my purpureous – ahem – purpose for this post is a celebration of colour! 
That’s all… a splash of colour works wonders! Especially in these cold, dark and grey days of Winter, which seem to go on hebdomadally.

Dear Blogland, 
How are you this fine Friday? Feeling all Fabulous and Full of the Joys of Fall / Autumn / Haerfest (to use its REALLY old name, apparently with added red squiggly line)? Or maybe it’s Spring where you are, and you are fabulously full of the joys of that!? Wherever and whenever you are add a dash of extra colour into your life… you will feel the benefits – and anything beneficial Feels Good!

And Finally, Dear The Frosty Mornings, 
It is such a pleasure to have you back! It’s dark when I leave in a morning, so I don’t have the pleasure to see you in all of your glistening white glory, white of course being the colour of light when ALL of the other colours mix together. I normally see you looking a murky shade of grey when the day has become a little brighter… grey being the colour when everything else gets mixed together. Never the less, it will soon be Spring!

Thank you for reading,

P.S. The weekend is here yet again… how fabulous is that? Only one more thing to be said now, and that’s…

Happy Weekend!

6 thoughts

  1. You know these colors change fom when email sends me a notice and when i click your link. Strnge. And yes it is the weekend and good because after a day of turkey ( Thanksgiving here in the USA) and cooking and cooking I am ready for a day off. I like the idea Spring is coming too. At my age i have a dislike for very cold weather and it sort of goes with winter.

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    1. I think we should challenge the Spellchecker from time to time, Diane!
      As for the new editor, well, I still us Open Live Writer. The editor uses ‘plusses’ I think they call them… but I couldn’t find the minus when I added one too many. I’m sure in time I will get used to it!

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  2. Hi Tom!!! 🙂 ❤

    Yes great post as usual!!! 🙂 ❤

    I have four months food stored ready for Brexit as HMRC’s new system is nowhere near ready (The hardware alone!) and the people writing the software know damned well that it could be 2020 before they’ve worked the bugs out. 😦

    They are already predicting massive delays at ports and on the rail link, the Tories have been talking with the Welsh ports so it looks like they are planning to use them as backup so they can keep trade flowing.

    How can I be sure?

    They made them all sign gagging orders…

    Their excuse that it was to protect commercially sensitive information was described by the Welsh Government as: “Laughable.”

    The Spellchecker is using the American dictionary so don’t be surprised, that is why I use Apache Writer (better than Microdick Word) and just cut and paste (The joys of HTML!!! 🙂 ).

    The crap I’ve been through for the past, well, nearly 30 years, is still ongoing.

    They have run out of friends, neighbours and family to use against me (I have cut off all contact with my mum who, with my Stepfather, has played an enthusiastic part in this mess), as well as contact points as I have stopped going to Church, so they have negotiated permission to use our local shop (General Store our American friends) for set-ups and it looks like the recording equipment has been left for the staff to turn on and off, so I hope they get well paid – the salary they get sucks!!! 😦

    I feel sorry for the staff, though, they are so uncomfortable!!! 😦

    I’m being careful what I write on my blog (I’m not letting them hurt anyone else), so approach with caution. 😦 ❤

    Have fun my friend and, if I don’t pop in before then, Hope you have a Very Merry Christmas!!! 🙂 ❤


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