I’ve recently discovered this on You Tube:


Twenty-four hours of incredible relaxing music. Just the thing to let everything wash away. I was listening to this in the background, whilst dabbling in a little digital abstract making. I listened. I blended. I layered. I created. I relaxed.

I’ve named this abstract ‘The Essence of Creation’. The name came to me as I painted. It has both a fiery warmth and an underwater feel to it, I find. Apart from that, it is merely, in essence, an abstract… deep, shallow, meaningless or full of meaning only in the eyes of the beholder.

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        1. I nearly fell asleep there and missed this, Frank… sorry about that, but you’d been catapulted into my spam folder for some reason! Luckily, I fought off all kinds of nasties and retrieved you.
          Ooh, sorry. And click you’re wide awake! 😀


  1. Sorry I’m SO late in getting to this post … I’m days and days behind my ‘Reader’ and trying to catch up.

    I see a beautiful array of colours – blues, purples, yellows, greens, oranges – and more …. – all blended so that they naturally flow into one another.

    In the foreground I see falling ‘lights’ (but not lights per se) – perhaps the magic of the creation(?) falling to earth(?) – and . . . I see orbs.
    The orbs could be the souls of those coming to earth … or leaving the earth. Perhaps they are the passing on of knowledge to that falling ‘magic lights’ – or maybe the falling magic is passing knowledge to the orbs.

    Coo … I need more thinking time with this one. Were it in a gallery, I would hope for a bench seat to be put somewhere far enough away to see the image – but close enough… but not so close that I didn’t get the feeling of what the whole thing was saying to me.

    Nice work Tom. ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Ooh! Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Cobs, and the thoughts the creation gave you. And yes, those orbs are the magic of creation – actually they are stylized sparks – those triggers of inspiration we all get from time to time. I just went with this one!
      Another thing I’ve noticed, which I didn’t when I created it, is that the coloured background bit – it’s semi-transparent! I love special effects me, Cobs, but ones I create without meaning to are even better!

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