Oops. I seem to have ran out of scheduled posts… must rectify that as soon as possible!

In the meantime, here’s my experience with the Northern Lights whilst in Cluddunt.

Started off with a normal Sunset, on the hotel roof with the added hot-tub:

Quickly, the lighting began to change:

The temperature stayed the same, but the sky became darker:

Then, we were bathed in the most magnificent green:

But it didn’t last long and things looked more normal once again:

Whatever normal is, mind…

10 thoughts

  1. I take it you are still up there ? Or are these pix from your last trip? Quite modernized it looks like. Enjoy the scenery TL and have a safe trip back….I’m sure you must be having an egg roll on the south lawn of the mansion for Easter???? Don’t be late! VK ❤

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