Can you believe that we are now coming into the second quarter of the year? So soon! Time’s certainly flying by, and the weather is vastly improving (here in the UK, anyway!) We’re even seeing more of the Sun peeking through the clouds! And that is the inspiration behind April’s theme…

Shining Through

If you so wish to use the theme for one or more of your posts during April, here are all the details you need:

There aren’t any rules actually, just a few guidelines:

  • Write a post (or more, if your imagination is well and truly fired!) based on the theme I provide. The post can take any form / genre / length you choose.
  • Link your post to the post on this blog (Beyond the Sphere) that introduces the theme for the month (so basically, THIS POST for April’s theme!)
  • Visit other bloggers who take part, and read their interpretation of the theme.
  • And that’s it! Oh, and if you could pass the word on, that would be lovely. The more the merrier after all!

And have fun!

  • Sue Dreamwalker’s Pingback didn’t work from her response to this theme, so I’ll include a link here to her post. An excellent interpretation, Sue!

32 thoughts

    1. No need to feel silly, Beth – not at all! I’ve had a problem with pingbacks not working lately, but they appear to be OK for now. Link in a comment as well as the pingback – it’s fine by me. I shall be over to check your post out soon… thanks for taking part once again!


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