I feel as though I’ve slipped into another dimension.

Yes, I’m aware that I very often slip into different dimensions courtesy of the Mansion, but this time it’s different. Things seem different. In real life.

I mean, Black Friday for instance. What’s that all about? I know what Black Friday is from things I’ve seen over in the USA, but it’s something we don’t ‘do’ over here in the UK. Well, never hardly did, anyway.

I caught the news earlier, which showed footage of people fighting over goods that stores had on sale at reduced prices. One image showed a woman down on her knees clutching a boxed television at one side, and a family hanging onto the box at the other. Extra security was needed at certain stores, such was the consumer ‘demand’.

I blame the stores myself. Them or greed, one or the other. It isn’t as though we don’t have sales at any other time of the year; certain sofa retailers are always advertising the last few days of their sales… and we have Boxing Day coming up, which is traditionally the day for big sale events here in the UK. I wonder if the stores will now do away with that. Somehow, I doubt it.

Anyway, I gripe.

From my other dimension.

I’ve not had a great amount of time to get onto the blog, let alone write anything, visit, comment or reply to comments, such is the way at present. I wouldn’t be surprised if the remaining fine folk who follow me decide to abandon ship as well. I couldn’t blame them, as I’m hardly doing anything to keep them coming back at present, but I’ll try my best every now and again.

Like this fine post, groaning and grumbling. Sigh.

And things just don’t get any better. Oh no.

For the past few weeks, I’ve developed ailments. Three of them, all at the same time. Sigh. Again. Deep sigh, in fact.

Ailment One started out as a small dose of Athlete’s Foot (what with me being of the fine athletic type and all that) which is rapidly developing into Footrot or Athlete’s Leg or something equally uncomfortable. It’s being treated, and clearing up. Slowly.

Ailment Two is a whopping great blain on my right eye. I’m treating that with eye ointment, but I almost used Athlete’s Foot cream on it the other day which probably wouldn’t have done me any favours. I might have been the first to suffer from Athlete’s Eye, which is something I’d rather not be recognised for.

Ailment Three, I feel, has been brought about by all the bending and stretching I’m needing to do caused by Ailment One: a bad back (Told you I was athletic!) – actually a really bad back. It’s fine when I lie down, but I can certainly feel it when I do anything else. It saps my strength when I go to do anything, so I’m worn out after applying the creams, potions and lotions needed for all my ailments at present, back included.

Not one to go from bad to worse, I’ll just add that the weather’s changed over here. It changes every day at present, what with Winter being here now, but the other morning was the first frosty morning for this time of the year. My car was frozen solid when I approached it.

Luckily, I had some de-icer in my car, so, in the dark, I carefully found the nozzle, pointed the can to the windscreen, and promptly squirted the contents into my eye. The bad one.

I just let the tears clear that away as I continued to clear the ice away. I was in too much pain with my back to feel the eye, and the tears had plenty of time to clear (and hopefully heal) the inner eye as I limped around the car. Luckily, the limping prevented me from rushing around the car, and therefore slipping on any ice (black or otherwise). That would have been all I needed. That was Tuesday, I think.

Imagine if I’d slipped on black ice on Black Friday in my condition. The air would have been bl… ue… hehehe.

So. ‘Back’ to me (hehehe!). Sigh.

I’m still not blogging as often as I’d like to. I have things going on in real life which kind of prevent that.

I don’t mind if you think I’m trapped in some hidden room in the Mansion somewhere; wading waist-deep through some crystal-clear waters off a beach on an abandoned tropical island paradise; or just reclining by the Lake in the Grinds sipping a lemonade or two (freezing my ailments off)… at least they’re still possible reasons why I’m away. And they all sound better than a bad back at any means.

I hope to be back in my normal dimension soon… I know I keep saying it, but I do hope it. Without hope, there’s nothing, right? I just need patience…

Until my return… Feel Good! (Or at least think of me and my ailments and feel better, anyway!)

24 thoughts

  1. Sorry to hear of the ailments TL….Sounds to me like a couple of things. Sounds like your immune system is down and lacking. Go to the health food store and buy some Astragalus capsules or else some Turkey tail mushroom caps and keep taking them and eat a clean diet if possible. Veggies should be at least 60% of each meal, and some complex carbs like whole grains etc.Think of the color brown for these carbs, like brown rice, multi grains, beans, whole wheat pastas etc. and some protein( meat, not much dairy!) In other words stay away from boxes of prepared foods or cans or white foods like white rice, bread and pastas….If possible make it all organic! Sounds like your system is run down and it also sounds like you may be resisting change of some sort? Don’t fight it but rather trust and go with the flow. We are all being asked to let go right now of what was and resisting only brings on stress and it’s physical related ailments. Just remember that everything that happens is happening for a reason and ultimately is for the better in the end. Gotta trust that all will be well. Link below to what you need my friend:) We often take the easy way out to avoid hassles but often end up creating more. Make the effort to eat well, sleep well and yes, not resist what is meant to be…VK


    I may way off the mark here in what I’ve said but somehow I don’t think so 🙂 If I am, sorry about that 🙂


  2. Wow…Don’t know why that photo came along with the link. Sorry about that and yet….Seeing as how things happen for a reason, perhaps this one is what you need the most 🙂


  3. Oh Tom! 😦

    Sounds like you’ve had one of my weeks.

    Hope everything clears up my friend, especially the eye!!! 😦

    God Bless and please take it easy!



  4. My sympathies for your ailments, Tom. I also battle ailments, including a tricky back. Have you tried inversion therapy for your back? It’s the only thing that works for me. Good luck!


  5. I am just pleased among all of those ailments you have not lost your sense of Humour Tom… Sending you some good vibes to heal..

    As for Black Friday, it seems we are copying everything our USA friends do, and I always thought us Brits would stand nicely and cue!… Greed Tom… its the Virus Many have caught…

    Get well Tom.. and you still have your core of supporters.. We come and go too.. 🙂 but will always be here if you give us a shout.. 🙂

    Hugs Sue xx


  6. Oh, Tom, I’m sorry you’re not feeling well – that sucks! I’ve been fighting a sore back for the last couple of months and that’s all I care to handle – I think if I had Footrot and Athlete’s Eye, too, I’d crawl into bed and hibernate until spring. Hope you feel better soon.


  7. I blew out my lower left back clearing boxes that had not been moved in over 30 years in my father’s house in October. It’s finally healed. Welcome to the wicked world of middle age, Tom. Take it easy!


    1. LA, middle age makes you feel ancient. Well, me, anyway. I stopped aging at 24 so I shouldn’t know that… I’m pleased to hear that your back’s better; long may it stay that way!


  8. Poor Tom! You are very much in the wars right now aren’t you?! Please be careful with that Athletes Foot lotion…eyes are not the same as your feet 😉 As to the bad back…my total sympathy there. I am an expert on the pain factor attached to this occurrence and my best advice from painful experience is keep moving!! Yes I know it’s uncomfortable but you’ll recover much quicker than lying down – and you don’t have to negotiate getting up again! A back strap is a wonderful aid too – you can get great ones in those “pound” shops and I use one regularly to help me along. Walk tall and straight even if you do want to limp and hunch over – it’s actually far more comfortable and try to do as much normally as possible – you’ll soon find out what you can and can’t do, but with practice you soon find alternative ways to achieve things! Finally, focus on what you CAN do rather than what you can’t – much better for the ailing morale 🙂


    1. Icewolf, you know what I’m like with lotions, potions, creams and stuff – I get them all mixed up at some time or another. I sprayed hair mousse under my arm once thinking it was deodorant… and I was using a roll-on at the time, so that should tell you everything.
      I agree about the keeping on moving though. The getting started is the hard part, but once I’m going I move quite quickly. I would say it’s like going downhill, but that has negative connotations, so I won’t!!!
      And yes – focus on the positives, what can be done and all that. Always the best way!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I see it’s snowing in here! It’s very interesting snow…it changes direction depending on which way I move the mouse and slows up and speeds up accordingly too! I also notice it goes mad on speed and blows diagonally when I head to the scrolling bar!! Don’t remember this happening in previous years so I must check out my own blog and compare notes 🙂 And don’t worry…couldn’t possibly abandon you and your blog Tom, it’s one of my most favourite blogs on here 🙂 Definitely miss you when you’re not here though…get well soon and remember….next Monday is “Manic Monday!!” Should put Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the shade! Or the snowdrifts building up here in your fine blog 🙂


    1. A few years ago, in real life, I noticed the rain was moving in an upward direction one day; very strange. The following day brought pandemonium as it was the day the whole country came to a standstill because of heavy snow. Notice strange weather patterns and be prepared for the weather the next day… I’ve just noticed whilst typing this that it’s stopped snowing here on the blog, Icewolf. Ah, no… it’s started again.
      And thank you very much… I’m honoured and very pleased that you include me within your favourites! That makes things very worthwhile!

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  10. Sorry to read about all of your ailments. I’m sure it is because you are so athletic that you are suffering from them! 🙂
    I am with you 100% on the issue of Black Friday – I think it is a combination of our greed and the stores tapping into it. Some of the scenes on the news were absolutely shocking.


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