How to send a Cosmic Order

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The first thing I’d like to say regarding sending a Cosmic Order is to do it in a way that you feel comfortable with. It is best to be done in a relaxed state, so there is no point trying to place an order if you aren’t feeling very comfortable about doing it. There is no right or wrong time to do it, and there is no need to perform a ritual (unless you really want to).

The way I see it, is that we are responsible for what we bring into our lives. We may be conscious of doing this, or we may not be, but if we take the control, and look at whatever comes into our lives as it has been brought to us by ourselves, then we have some control already over what is happening to us. It may be something we do not like or want, but with control we can change it, or accept it.

By the way, if something ‘bad’ happens, don’t blame yourself for bringing it to yourself, just accept that you are experiencing this for a reason. It may be to make you stronger for something, or to make you see something in a different light, or maybe to show you something you have been subconsciously hiding from yourself. Some people question the fact that nobody would deliberately bring some negative aspect into their own lives. This is true, but I feel that for us to be a part of what is happening, we have brought that situation to ourselves, and it is how we react and respond to what is happening that influences the next stage of events.

Sometimes, we are just witness to something that is ‘outside’ of our control. Because it is now in our awareness, we are part of it. And because we are part of it, we have brought it into our life. Whatever it is that we are witness to may be something that we never in a million years thought we would ever see, and that is the way how I see the universe working.

Not bringing negative things to us, or bringing positive things to us for that matter, but just bringing things, events, people, situations and anything else it thinks that we need in our lives. The universe is not judgmental, so it will bring what we need – or what it thinks we need – to ensure that we are happy. If we are always moaning and complaining about this, that and the other, then we will see more of this, that and the other to complain about! The universe ‘sees’ that we are happy by always complaining. If we constantly talk about the good things that are around us, our good health, the amazing situations we end up in, the good people we meet then, guess what… we’ll have more of these events to give us more to talk about.

Like I said earlier, I believe that we are responsible for everything that comes into our lives. That responsibility is to react in the most appropriate way to what is happening to ensure that whatever is happening continues to happen, or not, depending on how we feel about it.

And how we are feeling is a key area to Cosmic Ordering. I began this post with the line “The first thing I’d like to say regarding sending a Cosmic Order is to do it in a way that you feel comfortable with”. I wasn’t meaning lying on a comfortable bed, or sitting in a nice armchair (although you can do this if you like), I was actually meaning feeling comfortable within. You can send a Cosmic Order anywhere, at any time, in any situation, but I believe you will have more success if you order in a relaxed state.

OK, on to how to do it.

We know that we bring everything into our lives, yes? We are responsible for everything that happens to us, and how we react to it. We know that the universe brings to us the things it thinks we want in order to be happy. And more often than not we are sending these signals to the universe without even thinking, or being aware of them. Cosmic Ordering is simply telling the universe what it is that we want. Just letting it know, consciously. Clearly. Without doubt that it will be delivered to us. And with gratitude.

Have a look at the things that you really think that you want in your life. Be specific. As a tip, start off small – you can order anything of any size, but it must be realistic to you… something that you know you will be able to have / be/ do. Write down, say out loud, think, or ask the cosmos in any way you feel comfortable with for your order. And that is it. If you wanted to, you could light a candle, chant a rhyme, dance in a moonlit field… but you don’t need to. The essence of your order comes from within you; whatever you do externally may make you feel good – or feel better – about ordering, but however you feel about anything always comes from within.

I would advise against setting any timescales, only because they can lead to doubt if it is drawing near, and doubt will not bring the order to you. Just be open to receiving your order at the time that the universe thinks is right for you.

Just one word of warning… be careful how you word your order. The universe is literal. It will bring exactly what you ask for.

Have fun with it. Try it! I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. You may doubt that your order will be delivered, and it may not be. You may send an order just as a joke to see what happens. You may say “This’ll never happen” and you may be right. But what if your order is delivered? Can you imagine having, being or doing just what you really want to?

Once your order is delivered, just show gratitude to the universe. Say thank you. Do a good deed. Smile.

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