Swimming and winning!

In my post “Normal service has now resumed” I waffled on about making a start. And today, I did just that! Yes, I’ve finally gone back swimming. I swam an impressive 30 lengths of the pool in around 32 minutes. Impressive to me that is. I’ve not been swimming for at least six years, and I think I mentioned I got up to swimming 100 lengths in thirty minutes the last time I went. Today I felt as though I could have gone further, but didn’t want to push myself too much.

I wanted to do just enough to actually feel like I had done something, but not more than enough so that I didn’t want to go again. I think I got the balance right, but I am starting to ache a little now… we’ll have to wait and see how I feel tomorrow. One thing is certain, though… I will definitely be going again.

I’ve made myself a schedule of the pools and opening times in my area, so I can go straight after work. The variety of using a different pool every day will stop it becoming too routine, and the first few times of finding the pools again will add to the fun!

The hours that I work do make it awkward though. Each of the pools have an early morning swim from 7.30, so I could go in the morning – if I didn’t start work at 8.30. The swimming isn’t the problem, but the getting changed at getting across town through all of the traffic at that time is. I have to go in the evening, which means I have to readjust everything else I do in the evenings to fit it in. I like to spend the first part of the evening with my parents, but because of the swimming that now has to come second. No matter what time I get to swim though, I will always make the time to visit home.

So, I’ve taken the first step. Well, the first breast stroke actually. I’ve got the determination to continue, and also the desire to swim further than the day before. Even if I swim only an extra two lengths further, it will be fine. That is how I reached my 100 lengths last time – I built up to it.

I’ve got a vision in my minds eye as to how my body will look in a few weeks after this swimming. I know I can achieve it as I have done it before. One of the quotes from The Secret says ‘If you can see it in your mind, you can have it in your life’ And never a truer word has been said.

And I just want to quickly write about a coincidence that I heard about today. One of my colleagues in work (well, his girlfriend actually) won tickets from a local radio competition to see a concert in New York City. No great coincidence there, I hear you say. Well, her sister entered a similar competition for a different radio station (with the same prize)  a couple of weeks ago, and yes, you’ve guessed it – she won that competition! I think it is absolutely fabulous when things like that happen… you really couldn’t make it up.

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