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Welcome to my Watercolour Gallery. In this slideshow, I present some of the watercolour creations I have published on this blog since 2017.

Some are a little more random than others, but that is the creation process.

26 thoughts

  1. Took a while, but finally found your art site. They are great, but one of my favorites is the simplicity of the brushes in the glass jar. And I guess you are a Catwoman fan😳☺️

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  2. These are wonderful. I’m especially taken by the beach chair (it would look wonderful in my bedroom) and the jar of artists brushes (it speaks to me).Still I may have different favorites next time I look.

    You are very talented.

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  3. hi tom
    you certainly do have stuff hidden away on here, just found this page, so you are a secret artist, well let me tell you, they are good, really enjoyed looking through there, i am off to find other things too..

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  4. Loved your watercolour slide show Tom… I had not seen this feature on your older theme… Though i did l think like it better.. with your larger header.. But no doubt you are about to tweak things into shape as you normally do..

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    1. Thanks, Sue. The slideshow has been part of the menu for a while, maybe it wasn’t as obvious on the old theme.
      This current one, however, will most definitely be changing soon. there are too many moving parts when I’m replying to comments… things flying in left right and centre, and then fading in and out of view. I prefer things much more simple! Sigh. Will I ever find the right theme???

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      1. I thought it was because of the new theme I spotted it Tom.. I keep looking for another theme.. then always just change the colour backdrop to mine.. As I have yet to find one that I like as much as the one I have.. and that I can manipulate with headers etc.. πŸ˜€

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        1. Yes… I find they all have good features, but then lack all of the required features!
          I think I’ll try and stick with this one for a while now.


    1. I haven’t painted in watercolour for a while now, Jesh, but seemed to be drawn to animals. I must inwardly like a challenge!


      1. I have so many projects, Tom…and it sometimes feels there is not enough time in a day. I just picked up the book “the Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. It came on my radar a while ago, but I saw it on a shelf yesterday…and I’ve a feeling it landed in my hands at the perfect time!
        Check it out…it might be timely for you as well.

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