Imagine this page as looking through a back catalogue.
To add a little background to the person behind the mask, as it were, here are some of the posts from the early days of this blog. Some things have changed. I think my writing style has changed for one. These posts were before I started writing about my 1642 Quest. They were before I realised I was living in a Mansion. They were slightly before my Inner Personalities started to have names for themselves. But even though they were from the olden days, they still contained the ‘feel good’ vibe – well, I hope they do, anyway!

13/05/10 Hello World! Here’s where my blogging journey began!
17/05/10 From Manchester to New York City in a split second!
22/05/10 Multiple bodies at separate times
06/06/10 Spells work!
07/06/10 Traffic Lights
09/06/10 Introduction to the Piscean Effect ©
10/06/10 Cosmetic Surgery, pulp infections and equilateral triangles
11/06/10 To all the bullies…
16/06/10 Coincidences
19/06/10 A Ghostly Friend
27/06/10 Everything’s a story
11/07/10 Energy
14/07/10 Relaxing with lightning?
23/07/10 Vampires
28/07/10 Hair!
29/07/10 The world inside the box
08/08/10 Twenty things I want to be better at
14/08/10 Sky Watching
27/08/10 Believe
31/08/10 The place of peace and tranquility
09/10/10 My own destiny…
12/10/10 Funny Spell! I have no idea what happened to me this day!!!
21/10/10 My Secret Identity

15 thoughts

  1. Hi there Sir A, halfway through the links I took a detour and then doubled back, made me think about all the back postings we’ve all written on our personal blogs. So many words, thoughts, deeds and sharing of memories, good and bad. Makes you wonder at the infinite outpourings on this ‘ere internet, Anywho, loved the tripping through your back issues, xPenx

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  2. Hi Tom…I can you have a bit-o-strange stuff on your blog as well. There’s a lot of material here. I look forward to reading more…and thanks again for following me and give that great compliment on my about page!


    1. Hi Doc! Hope you don’t mind me calling you Doc, as I’m not sure whether to use Dr Schnub or Dr Mort as yet (I’ll get there, though, so you’ll have to bear with me for now!). Thanks for calling by… and yes, there’s a lot of strange stuff around here. It’s all fun though (I hope, anyway!)


      1. Actually I don’t like to be confined to just one moniker as you might have noticed. I have signed my posts in a few different ways. Sometimes when I’m feeling a bit lighthearted I will use Dr. Mort, but other times when the content is dealing with a serious event or issue you may see me use my full name Dr. Mortimer Schnub. Come by and read my new post…I think you might find it quite enlightening!



        1. Hokey Dokey, then, DMS. I shall refer to you in a random number of different ways when I comment either here or on your very own blog. Orf to read your latest post right now in fact!


  3. Hi Tom, just poking around your Mansion – and my what a Mansion it is 🙂 I could get absorbed in here for a very long time methinks. Will have to take it in bite size tours.

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