Tom MerrimanMy name is Tom, and I started this blog to get to know myself by writing and then re-reading the posts in my blog… and as an experiment. I really am quite a private person, and until recently I used a special Aquatom1968 persona to write about my events from yet another perspective.

I like to think. I like to read. I like to moan (unfortunately). And I like to read other peoples blogs. I love seeing the world from different perspectives.

I can actually get lost in the many different ways I think, and part of the reason I started this blog was to find some kind of clarity (or sanity) in the random events that happen to me. And many do!

So, I’m a Piscean, which means I’m quite dreamy. Which can be good. I’m also quite artistic (in my mind, if I do say so myself!) and creative. I’m a Cosmic Orderer, and believe in the Laws of the Universe. And I tend to view things in two seemingly opposite ways – not too seriously, and seriously over serious – I tend to somehow lurch between the two (if it is even possible to think two ways in with the multitude of ways I think about things. It gets very confusing).  I also have a tendency to waffle on about the most trivial things. I even go on about nothing at times… I like to do things, but I also like to put off doing things too.  Oh, and I love Vampires! And feeling good!

A quick thought… right now, imagine feeling better than you have ever felt before – including the good feeling you have just had a second ago. There’s no limit to how good you can feel, apart from your own limitations. Why not reach for the sky and feel good every day?

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  1. Thanks for this lovely blog, I was going to sit down and write a new post for my (disaster of a) blog, that was 3 hours ago. Your ‘feel good’ page brought a tear to my eye, I’d never seen that add before. Your ‘it’s christmas’ page reminded me about what’s important about this coming weekend, and your list of recommendations are fantastic. Thanks for sharing what’s important to you! I just hope I can do more with my blog. Early days yet I guess!


    1. You are welcome… thank you for your comments. I’ve only recently started blogging myself (well, a few months now!) and quite often I get what I call ‘Blogger’s Block’! Just keep at it, and the inspiration will flow! Good luck with your blog!


  2. hey there!! I’m just dropping by to say thanks for the reccy, and also to ‘see’ who’s been visiting my space, (me being nosy like)… and I’m a Leo…(I have no idea why I said that) and I’m so glad that’s not your photo, or else I’d think I was already asleep and dreaming this visit…and I love to see the World a different way, almost slant wise, not that I stand that way…head slanted wise…just eye’s wise, um…not that my eyes are slanted, just…look wise… I give up…as you say a different perspective. (I just love words, they’re so descriptive and sound wonderfully smooth on the tongue ….just like chocolate really, ….sorry gone off on a train of thought , if words were chocolate I’d be a really FAT person)
    thank you for the visit…I’d best go before I say something REALLY stupid… 😀 Penx


        1. Pen, I don’t know who’s hat it was, but it didn’t taste very good.
          As things seem a little one sided, and I like return journeys, this link goes back to the post from where you came! It’s a great tip you have passed on to me there Pen! 😀


  3. Hi Tom, back again for a look around, you have a lovely and interesting site and oh.. nice to meet you!
    should have said that first! 🙂 I will be back again later to read more, have subscribed to your blog so I wont miss anything lol I was starting to read your saturn post yesterday but got called away before I could so will be back later for a read. I love the stars and anything to do with the universe.
    Thanks for your visit yesterday and comments on colin fry.
    Have a great day


    1. 😀 I had to clarify it just in case…! I change the picture from time to time, and some of them you’d think it actually was me when it wasn’t / isn’t! I’m stockier than in that picture (‘stockier’ sounds much more …erm… better than other words I could use.)


  4. i think a lot too and loose myself sometimes i love vampys dracula and anything dark and interesting ha i can hear you say you would never have guessed lol love your site too im glad i came xxjen


  5. An excellent introduction Aquatom1968 and if you love Vampires then you need to call into My Gothic Realm and meet some, well maybe not Face to Face or even Fang to Jugular as it were, but you are certainly welcome to tread amongst the Ghouls, Werewolves and Zombies that sometimes frequent my Space… I hope to see you there my friend as you already share a number of my most dearest of friends, and one whom I adore also…

    Be well now Aquatom



  6. Hi Tom, I have no idea why I’ve never been here before… it is just what the doctor ordered to cheer me up. Love it. You’ll see more of me. 🙂


  7. “I started this blog was to find some kind of clarity (or sanity) in the random events that happen to me. And many do!”

    I started blogging as a clarity sanity saver, too. I didn’t know much about Piscean’s (other than them being a fellow water sign), but some of it sounds similar to Cancerian’s – with the dreaminess and creativity. But Cancerian’s are stuck inside a hard shell, which is sometimes protective, sometimes imprisoning.

    I write a lot to process the things that happen in my life, sometimes writing to remember, sometimes writing to forget. Sometimes I write just because I’m bored and so I’ll write blogs about people I’m curious about – like Mark Twain and Anais Nin.

    I think music is very, very wonderful.

    I actually have 5 blogs (crazy, I know).

    My two favorite ones are (one suitable for mainstream audiences) (a newer one that’s much too passionate for repressed audiences).

    I’m not into Vampires, though I really, REALLY loved the 1992 version of Dracula with Gary Oldman.

    I like feeling good. I have had tendencies towards melancholia, so anything to remind me to feel good is a good thing.

    You seem really nice.

    Because of that, I am adding you to my blogrolls.


    1. Hello, and welcome to my little corner of the internet!
      I’m looking forward to reading your words, and will be visiting your site(s!) very soon! You have written a very nice introduction for yourself there!

      Thank you for linking to me!

      I will see you soon! 😀


      1. I am back…because of the those seriously grippable (is that a word ? it sounds as if it shouldn’t be…but…) thighs. I am a bottom feeder if you haven’t guessed…thighs, arses (especially BP’s), calves…they all work their magic on me.


        1. Grippable thighs? There’s a red squiggly line under grippable, but it must be a word, Jo. ‘The handle bars weren’t very grippable when covered with the slimy substance’ Yes, it’s a word.
          I presume you mean muscular and toned thighs, and not the other kind?


    1. Hi Raven, thank you for thinking about me and nominating me. Unfortunately, I don’t accept awards as I find it too difficult to select some out of all of the blogs I visit, but I really do appreciate the fact that you have nominated me. Well done on receiving the award yourself, however! 😀


  8. Heya Tom thanks for that lovely comment on my blog 🙂
    hey you love vampires!! so do I ..yay to another vampirite( made this just now 😆 )
    Loved your sphere ,will definitely be surfing for more 🙂
    Wish you a lovely weekend 🙂


    1. Hi Soma – thank you for calling by here as well!
      You can’t go wrong with a good vampire or two… and I love the term vampirite!
      I’m pleased that you like it here… it’s my little place of escapism.


  9. You can keep trying (after all you don’t have Yoda sitting on your shoulders)

    Trying is just making a deliberate effort to do something – if you like ensuring it happens


    1. We’re the weakest link in the zodiac apparently, Frank. In my view, that makes us the strongest as we hold the link together even with our weakness. It sounds better in my head, that does… :S

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  10. Hey TL…Thanks for pointing out my mega mistake regarding the new moon…I have been so distracted lately I don’t even know what day it is. Ha! Thanks for telling me, I took it down. Have a happy. Almost weekend..VK

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