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  1. Hi Tom…I was thinking back over our exchange today: somewhere you said you have other blogs…are they accessible here? I’d be interested in having a look 🙂

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    1. Ah yes, my other blogs.
      None of them are visible from this page (which is in desperate need for an update!), Staarlz.
      I have a blog where I post my random artistic creations (occasionally), called Splodge and Splatter – there’s a link to it in the sidebar on the right (or down below if visiting via a mobile device). I think it’s currently quite close to the top of the sidebar (things keep moving about over there!) It begins ‘Meanwhile, over on…’; just click the image below the header and you’ll reach the site.
      My other sites haven’t been updated for a while… they are dedicated to my superhero characters and stories, with one ‘hub’ site that links them all together. My intention there is for the characters to interact with each other every now and then, to link their individual stories together… I really need to get back to writing them, I think. 🙂

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  2. One more thought: I like your last name, it suits you–as, from what you mostly post, you are a “merry man”. Okay, must step away from the computer now–I have to make a pan of fudge for my maintenance man 🙂 (He and the other maint staff call me “the treat lady”, a reputation I cherish.)

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    1. Thanks again, Staarlz… you make me sound like one of Robin Hood’s guys (although in my case it’s more like Men in Tights rather than Prince of Thieves – if you’ve seen those movies! 🤣).
      Merriman is a nom de plume, by the way, but Tom is my real name… and the real thought behind my blog is to Feel Good… so hopefully my posts in some way or other reflect that.
      The Treat Lady sounds like a good reputation to have! 🙂

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