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When a post is not a post!

My mind doesn’t half wander at times. Not only does my mind wander, but sometimes I actually wander myself. One thing will lead into another, and before long I find myself doing something completely different as to what I intended to do in the first place. One moment, I’m thinking of writing my next post, and the next thing I’m trying all sorts of things to try and get myself to be able to write my post.

I’m having a few problems accessing WordPress this evening, which is OK in itself, only I have signed up to the Postaday Challenge. What if I can’t add a post before midnight? What if I fail in my task? Deep breaths. Calm down…

But the clock is ticking. The countdown has begun.

First things first. Do as it says on their technical help page. Clear my browsing history. I use Google Chrome, and when I look ‘under the hood’ (I’m getting really good with this Techno Speak). I am offered a choice of when I would like to clear the history from: the last hour, day, week, four weeks or the beginning of time. I select the beginning of time. Within seconds, my browsing history is deleted.

I click back onto my WordPress dashboard, and get the same message about something going wrong. It isn’t me then.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

I click on my little visitor’s map icon, and instead of seeing my map with all of the orange coloured dots all over the place, I see a pale yellow square advising that my version of Java is out of date, and I need to plug in another version. So, I select the option to get the new version to plug in and download that. My screen freezes after the download. I have to close my Google Chrome browser, and reopen it again. At last! I can see my orange dots! First job completed.

I return to my dashboard, and still get ‘oops’. Oh no!

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

I decide to click on my email – my web-based email rather than my normal email (just in case). I expect to hear Joanna Lumley advising me that I have mail. I don’t hear her. I have no mail.

I try my WordPress site again. I have now been logged out completely, and can’t even access the page for me to log in again. 504 Gateway error… OH NO!

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

I decide to try to access the lottery site, so I can play for tomorrow’s draws. I open up a new window in Chrome, and – Oh no! – I’ve deleted all of my browsing history. The pages I regularly visit aren’t there. I can’t even blame them gremlins – it’s all my doing! So, I manually search for the site and buy my tickets that way. It took all of three seconds longer. But, time is of the essence!

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

I check my regular emails. I have new emails here, but no Joanna Lumley. She doesn’t let me know about emails in this system… I just receive a bleep. Well, it’s more of a Boodeep sound, but you know what I mean.

I have a brainwave! A brainstorm! A brainbox! A branflake! An idea! I try Internet Explorer to try to access my WordPress dashboard. I’m logged in to my site here, so there’s a start, but I get the systems error message there when I try to get to my dashboard too. Oh no once again.

Let me try Firefox! Yes. That will work! No, it won’t! I get the same error there as well. At least this proves that the problem isn’t with my computer. I’ve tried three different browsers, and get the same problem with all of them. Well, sort of.

I’m glad that I started to use this Live Writer thingy. Here I can type my post and then add it to my blog when it comes back up. OH NO! MY POST!!! I’m just waffling aimlessly here about my computer problems, and the time is counting down to the end of the day. I’m going to have to post this. Eek! Calm down! Calm down!

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

So, I have now gone all around the houses. Probably all around England – no Europe – no the World – to try to post this post, which is about me going all around the world to post the post. Which may or may not be posted. And is, yet again, a post about nothing. Much ado about nothing.

And it really will be a post about nothing if I don’t post before midnight. I mean, it won’t be a post about nothing. A double negative. It won’t be a post, full stop. Have I failed in my Postaday challenge? The countdown continues…

Improving my imagination

There is always room for improvement. How can there not be? Even the best of the best have to improve otherwise they won’t be the best for long!

Me, I’m always improving. I’m improving in everything that I do. Everything that I see teaches me something. Makes me feel grateful for something. Helps me to feel good about something.

Everything I read helps me to see things in different ways. Seeing things differently isn’t a bad thing, but it can be quite eye opening. Adaptation.

Everything I write helps me in ways to write better; to think better – well, in my mind, anyway!

My imagination is always improving: it must be, for me to be able to dream the things I dream, to fantasize about the alien places that I visit, to visualise how my future will be, to have three-way conversations with myself, to be able to visit far away places and yet remain exactly where I am at the same time.

Through my imagination, I find myself flying high over Manchester, New York, Iceland and Mars. I’m racing Pterodactyls over Dover (I’ve never been to Dover in reality, but I have in my mind. Those white cliffs are extremely vivid in my imagination).

I chat with Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and Tom Welling about this, that and the other. In my imagination they tell me things that nobody else knows. Obviously, I can’t say what… good things, I hasten to add. Things that I can learn from. Things that will improve who I am…

I also chat with the Owl and the Pussycat, in their pea-green boat, and they tell me all about their honey and money wrapped in a five pound note, their wedding and dancing by moonlight. They also tell me about someone called Edward Lear, something else for me to learn, someone else for me to learn something about.

I also chat to the Loch Ness Monster about history, and swimming, and hiding. And revealing just enough.

I also chat to the werewolves, vampires, zombies and other creatures from my darker mind, my Shadowself, about balance and perspective.

I also chat to walls and ceilings about anything in general. Oh, no, that’s not me; it was Shirley Valentine.

I enthuse about the trivial, and trivialise the unimaginable.

I look deeper than I should, yet appear more shallow at times.

I can live for centuries in the blink of an eye.

I can wait for hours in a split second.

I grow. I am always growing. I learn. I am always learning. I improve. I am always improving.

How can there be space for all of this improvement in my mind? In anyone’s mind? That’s easy! The mind – and where it can take us – is limitless. Without barriers nothing can hold us back. We can aim for the sky yet fly out further.

But what is the point of all of this improvement? Personally, the point is to feel good.

I said that at the beginning. I feel good. And I always want to improve on that feeling!

My mind doesn’t half wander at times.

Just thinking…

I’m having a think. Well, I’m having more than one to be honest. I’m always thinking about something or other.

I’m still thinking about those lines that I saw last night which travelled by the Moon. The black and white perfectly straight lines that went on forever. Well, to the horizon (and presumably beyond). It appears that I wasn’t the only person to notice them. I looked at my dashboard earlier, and quite a few folks have been directed to my blog with search engine terms like ‘what are the lines on the Moon?’. At least the search engines were working correctly, and gave them what they were looking for – although I’m sure it was the answer, and not someone else asking the very same question! I’m still going with Ley Lines, but I haven’t had any confirmation from any of my contacts in the scientific community. As soon as I hear anything, I’ll purser the results here.

I’m also thinking about the sky in another way too. Before the Sun had fully set on Friday night, the sky was green. A green sky! One thing I never imagined I would see is the sky a shade of green. That’s another item to get ticked on my imaginary to-do list (this list seems to be constantly getting longer, which in itself is strange as it doesn’t exist. I love paradoxes). A green sky isn’t that unusual though, to be honest. Have a look at these photos that I have discovered on the internet:

Green SkyGreen Sky 2

OK, I know that these are images of the fabulous Northern Lights, from Iceland, Canada or Norway or the north of Scotland, but they are generally green, making the sky look green. And my sky the other night was more like the colour in the first photo (the lighter shade of green). One day I will see these lights for myself. Plus I have another reason to visit Iceland!

The_Nightwatch_by_Rembrandt 1642

I’m having more thoughts about the year 1642. I’ve not posted about my quest for a while, and as such it seems to be more on my mind than usual. I’ll just add a quick update as to what I have discovered. Rembrandt van Rijn completed his painting ‘Night Watch’ in 1642. As I’m currently thinking about the night sky, it seems very apt to mention it here, although the painting itself has nothing whatsoever to do with the sky. But this means that Rembrandt has now been added to my cast of characters – erm, historical people – who were around at that time. Still no connections with me as yet, but I will keep on delving.

My challenge is still in my thoughts as well. My challenge to include a variety of subjects within my posts each day seems to be going well so far. This is day two after all, and I have managed to do it up to now! Go me! Only I haven’t included a creature in this post as yet. There literally is only one creature I can mention that will fit in with the sky, the colour green and the Moon – none other than the mystical Moon Dragon itself. Here is a picture I discovered on the web:

Moon Dragon

And yes, I know that his wings look blue in the picture. That is an optical illusion caused by the light of the Moon shining through them. And, maybe the black and white lines weren’t Ley Lines after all – maybe they were Dragon Trails? They tend to fly in pairs. Hmmm. Something more to ponder there!

My thoughts do tend to wander around somewhat, don’t they? Kind of in the same area, but still all over the place. It’s a good thing that I started this blog to clear some of the thoughts from my mind. But that space is then refilled with even more random thoughts. It is hardly surprising that I tend to forget things.

Carrots! I’ve forgotten to include a fruit or vegetable in this post. I’ll have to do better next time. There is always room for improvement.


I’ve just heard what sounded like a wolf’s howl. Well, I actually heard it last night, but wouldn’t be surprised to hear more of them tonight. I don’t think that we have any wolves that live around these parts, well, wild ones anyway. Come to think of it, I don’t think anyone has any as pets either. Do people have pet wolves? I suppose they could; I’m not sure…

So, if the howl wasn’t made by a wolf, it must have been a dog. Or a werewolf.

It is the perfect setting for werewolves to roam around outside tonight. Have you seen the Moon? She is looking absolutely stunning tonight. Shining even more brightly than normal, with a rainbow coloured halo or aura all around her she is a guiding light in the blackness of the night sky. The occasional wispy cloud floats across her, but due to the outstanding shine of the Moon, the clouds become transparent.

One odd thing I noticed earlier this evening were two symmetrical lines in the sky, which also stood out against the darkness of the sky and the lighter looking grey of the clouds. One of the lines was black and the other white.

Two contrasts at the exact same time. The lines looked as though they could have been vapour trails from planes that had flown over earlier, but vapour trails don’t appear in two different colours do they? The two lines contrasted with each other, and also contrasted in the direction they were travelling in – directly opposite the direction the clouds were moving in.

Perhaps it was the brightness of the Moon that caused the line that appeared next to her to be white, and the other one black. Or maybe the black line was a shadow from the white one – they were running in parallel… but this can’t be the case, because the clouds didn’t cover the whole sky. They didn’t cover the whole area that these two lines cut through.

I’d love to know what astronomer Patrick Moore would make of it; although I have a feeling that he looks into things far beyond our own sky. I don’t know if the lines would be in the sky where Patrick lives.

I very often find myself wondering if part of the sky (say for example just above the horizon) I am looking at can be seen in France, or Ireland – if I’m looking in that direction. I usually correct myself though and say that I couldn’t possibly see that far, and the sky that is in my field of vision is just so many miles in diameter. Even with all of the carrots that I eat, my eyesight couldn’t possibly be as good as that, to see the skies over another country.

Although tonight’s Supermoon is definitely helping with night vision. Maybe the Moon was highlighting the Ley Lines, and where they are. That’s what the two coloured lines were in the sky. I will go with that theory. The energy was glowing in the air. Glowing in black and white. Fluorescent black and white. Supernatural black and white.

I haven’t heard a wolf howl tonight. I think it’s quite quiet, to be honest. Unless they are waiting until later. Or, they’re maybe a little frightened by how close the Moon is to the Earth. That is why it’s called a Supermoon, not that it has any super powers or anything. Well, apart from lighting up a very dark night and controlling water, that is. Google.

Ulp. Just heard a howl. And a scream. And a whistle. Maybe the creatures of the night are stirring. I’m not a creature of the night tonight. I’m having a rest. I’m staying in. I’m having a think.

Friday challenge

moon phaseI have a feeling that there is a Full Moon due. Don’t ask me why, but I have a feeling. Maybe it has something to do with this graphic that seems to pop up every now and then.

Maybe it has something to do with the many news stories and reports that I keep on hearing about a Supermoon.

Or maybe it’s because I actually know that there is one due on Saturday. I have a ‘connection’ with the Moon.

Anyway, the Moon has nothing to do with this post whatsoever! I just decided to write about it, so I could start with something a little different.

And keeping along the same lines of things being different (did you see what I did there?) this post is a kind of ‘teaser’ for things to come. A prequel, if you like.

I’m setting myself another blogging challenge-within-a-challenge, really to help me with my Postaday challenge, and not dissimilar to my AA, BB, CC (etcetera) challenge at the beginning of the year. Only not as long (and probably not as difficult either).

I will be writing my daily wafflings as usual. I always try to write about a different topic in my next post, unless I am writing about my thoughts in a special mini-series of posts, like my Valentine’s run in February. Sometimes, the thread will run between consecutive posts, but this is usually to add an update or something I had forgotten to mention the day before. I tend to forget a lot.

What will make this challenge slightly different is that I will start my post with the final sentence of the post I had written the day before. So, if I had started this challenge today, my first line would have been “That doesn’t sound like a loser speaking to me…”. And, as you can see, I haven’t started with that, so my challenge has not yet begun!

Not only that, each post will contain a colour, a fruit or vegetable, a town, city or country, a famous person or two, a mythical, mysterious or other creature, an absolutely random word that will have no meaning or bearing on the post at all, a number, and something new. The ‘something new’ may be tricky as I tend to write about a lot of the same stuff.

Well, it wouldn’t be a challenge if it was easy, would it?

So, I am apologising in advance if you should find that my posts don’t make any sense whatsoever. If they already make no sense then it will be business as usual… glad to have you along! However, I will try to keep them sensible. Well, you know what I mean…

I’m going to end this post here for today. The animals outside are sounding a little restless. I’ll need to go out into the Mansion’s grounds and check that they are OK. There seems to be something different out there. I’ve just heard what sounded like a wolf’s howl.