Things to do

Here’s my to do list.

Well, it’s actually my list of things I would like to do at some point, and with my positive mindset I will be able to achieve some, if not all, of them.

Own my large dream house (I don’t know if I’ve mentioned my recurring dream of my large house with loads of rooms and fabulous gardens, roof gardens and terraces… I’m sure I have, but I’m sure to mention it again at some point in the future. Hopefully when I get to own it! Well, you never know…)

Own enough money to be able to do with as I please. OK, maybe not millions (but that would be nice also) but more than enough for me to achieve the life that I really desire. Obviously, I’ll need the money to be able to own my dream home, so maybe this should be number one…

Own a luxury yacht. I’d have to have a crew too, as I don’t know how to drive one… and wouldn’t really want to drive it while cruising around the med in it.

Have more me time, whether through working either part time, or owning more than enough money that I don’t have to work. However, I would need to do something. So…

Own my own business. Be able to employ a selection of people. Run the business how I would like to be treated, rather than just being a number. If I do own my own business, that would be the first thing I would need to get sorted – the exemplary working conditions.

Meeting my Guardian Angel and/or Spirit Guide. How amazing would that be?

Write a best selling series of books. I’ve got the ideas for the characters, I’ve got the ideas for the stories, and I’ve got the ideas for the titles… all I need to do is make a start. I said that about going swimming, and I started that without a problem.

Learn one new thing every day. Now this isn’t a difficult one, is it?

To continue to be a positive person. To use the positivity to drive away any negative aspects that come into my life. Use my thoughts better when I’m feeling frustrated. Use everyone I meet as a teacher for something (love that one… read it on a Twitter update!)

Create something that would be of benefit to everyone. I’m not really an inventor, but would love to come up with a really simple idea that really helps.

Learn to fully experience Lucid Dreaming. I really would be able to go wherever I wanted to then.

Take more amazing photographs – and ensure they are backed up this time!

Learn to use magic in a good way. Rather than casting spells for things that I want, casting them for things to help me…

Learn to have more faith in myself. In my abilities. In my confidence. In my creativity. In my friends.

Meet fascinating, fabulous and friendly people and become good friends.

Be able to help and encourage others to go for their dreams.

And there will be more. I’ll save them for another list, I have quite a few here to be getting on with. In fact, I’m placing a Cosmic Order for each of the items listed above. I trust that the Cosmos will deliver to me the item as and when necessary, and I am grateful for two things. Firstly, for my orders being delivered – I may be so excited when my order is delivered I’ll forget to say thanks straight away – so I’ll sneak a quick thank you in here. And secondly, for the chance to be able to request these items in the first place.

I know I can achieve some of them now. Even before the wheels are set into motion, I’m starting to see results!

The Galaxy

I’ve been reading the BBC News website regarding the ancient cosmic light that has been recorded by the Planck telescope… fascinating stuff. Here’s the BBC article, written by By Jonathan Amos, the BBC News science correspondent:

Planck telescope reveals ancient cosmic light

This is the extraordinary place where we all live – the Universe.

The picture is the first full-sky image from Europe’s Planck telescope which was sent into space last year to survey the “oldest light” in the cosmos.

It took the 600m-euro observatory just over six months to assemble the map.

It shows what is visible beyond the Earth to instruments that are sensitive to light at very long wavelengths – much longer than what we can sense with our eyes.

Researchers say it is a remarkable dataset that will help them understand better how the Universe came to look the way it does now.

“It’s a spectacular picture; it’s a thing of beauty,” Dr Jan Tauber, the European Space Agency’s (Esa) Planck project scientist, told BBC News.

Dominating the foreground are large segments of our Milky Way Galaxy.

The bright horizontal line running the full length of the image is the galaxy’s main disc – the plane in which the Sun and the Earth also reside.

In the way

This is where most stars in the Milky Way form today; but because this picture records only light at long wavelengths (microwaves to the very far infrared), what we actually see are not stars at all.

Rather, what we see is the stuff that goes into making stars – lots of dust and gas.

Of particular note are the huge streamers of cold dust that reach thousands of light-years above and below the galactic plane.

“What you see is the structure of our galaxy in gas and dust, which tells us an awful lot about what is going on in the neighbourhood of the Sun; and it tells us a lot about the way galaxies form when we compare this to other galaxies,” observed Professor Andrew Jaffe, a Planck team member from Imperial College London, UK.

But as beautiful as the Milky Way appears, its emission must be removed if scientists are to get an even better view of its mottled backdrop, coloured here in magenta and yellow.

This is the famous cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation, and a key target of the Planck mission.

The CMB is the “first light”. It is the light that was finally allowed to move out across space once a post-Big-Bang Universe had cooled sufficiently to permit the formation of hydrogen atoms.

Before that time, scientists say, the cosmos would have been so hot that matter and radiation would have been “coupled” – the Universe would have been opaque.

Super-cold detectors

Researchers can detect temperature variations in this ancient heat energy that give them insights into the early structure of the Universe and the blueprint for everything that came afterwards.

A major quest for Planck is to find firm evidence of “inflation”, the faster-than-light expansion that cosmologists believe the Universe experienced in its first, fleeting moments.

Theory predicts this event ought to be “imprinted” in the CMB and its detail should be retrievable with sufficiently sensitive instruments.

Planck is designed to have that capability. Some of its detectors operate at a staggering minus 273.05C – just a tenth of a degree above what scientists term “absolute zero”.

Planck is already in the process of assembling a second version of the map. It has funding to acquire at least four versions.

“We know that eventually as the data get better and better, what you end up getting to are the limitations of what you know about the instrument,” explained Professor Jaffe.

“And so, by running Planck for longer we can learn a lot more about the instrument itself and thereby remove a lot of the contaminating effects that are just because of the way it produces its noise.”

Patient analysis

The project team will need a while to analyse all the data and assess its significance. A formal release of fully prepared CMB images and scientific papers is not expected before the end of 2012.

However, such has been the anticipation for Planck data that one or two groups have already tried to make unauthorised interpretations simply from the images released to the media like the one on this page.

But Dr Tauber says this activity is pointless.

“The CMB is certainly visible but the image itself is colour-enhanced so you couldn’t do any science with that,” he explained.

“We have also reduced the resolution of the image to something which is more manageable for people to look at. Otherwise it would just be too big.”

Planck is a flagship mission of Esa. It was launched in May 2009 and moved to an observing position more than a million km from Earth on its “night side”.

It carries two instruments that observe the sky across nine frequency bands. The High Frequency Instrument (HFI) operates between 100 and 857 GHz (wavelengths of 3mm to 0.35mm), and the Low Frequency Instrument (LFI) operates between 30 and 70 GHz (wavelengths of 10mm to 4mm).

The article also mentions which features other fascinating views of the cosmos in different light frequencies. This picture shows the visible universe, but I recommend that you visit the site to have a look at the other views…

What an absolutely amazing view!

I love the mysteries of the universe, and this kind of research is letting us see the universe in ways we have never seen before. I don’t think I’ll ever get a chance to see it firsthand for myself, but at least I can get to view it by the wonders of television and the internet. Actually, I do get to see it every day – but only from my perspective. And to think that everything I see, do and experience is just a tiny speck inside the image above it really is humbling.

What an amazing universe we live in.

Cosmic Ordering

I am a great fan of The Secret, which goes into great detail about the Law of Attraction and how we can make it work for us. I am also a great fan of “What the Bleep Do We Know?” which goes into detail about how our minds work with our surroundings. And I am a great fan of Cosmic Ordering, because I have used this technique for years, and have had some amazing successes. I’m not going to lie about it though; I’ve also had some of my requests not delivered… yet. I am a firm believer in the technique though, because I know it works. And to truly believe something is to really experience it firsthand. Sceptics just don’t believe that anything as simple as asking for something and receiving it will work. I am not going to even try to change any sceptics mind – everyone is free to believe what they want to believe, but I would just like to say one thing to any sceptic reading. Just try it once.  You believe that it isn’t going to work, so if it doesn’t, well, you’ve not lost anything have you? You’ve proved it to yourself that it doesn’t work. But what if it does?

I’ve mentioned the word ‘belief’ quite a few times, and it is really this belief that will determine the outcome of the Cosmic Order. The level of belief will determine whether the order is successful or not. The level of belief also helps with the timing of the ‘delivery’ of the order, when it does arrive. Sometimes they arrive straight away, or within days, other times we may have to wait a while. Remember, it is a Cosmic Order that is being sent to the universe, and a lot has to go on behind the scenes to get that order delivered. The universe is literally bending time and space to ensure that the order arrives at exactly the right time. Not necessarily the time we want it to be delivered. So the multitude of books on Cosmic Ordering says. No one knows for sure how it works, but it does. I really have experienced it many times firsthand.

I actually like the idea of the universe bending time and space for me, and I am extremely grateful when my orders are delivered to me. Once I’ve gotten over the initial ‘shock’ of it. I am still surprised to this day when my orders are delivered, and the universe does like to surprise us.

Like I said earlier, sometimes the orders are delivered almost immediately after placing them. Years ago, when I was a lot younger, I was walking to a shop that I didn’t regularly visit to buy a couple of comics. I had about 50p on me, which would have allowed me to buy three comics. I knew there would be many more than three available for me to buy, and was thinking to myself which comics I would buy once I got there. I was also thinking how great it would be for me to be able to buy as many comics as I wanted, thinking that they may have them on some kind of special offer in the shop. I walked a few steps further, and on the footpath before me there was about three pounds, scattered directly where I was walking, in different coin values. There was no one else about, so I scooped up the money. I now had enough to buy twenty three comics – far more than what was available in the shop. At the age I was I didn’t know about Cosmic Ordering, or the Law of Attraction, I just couldn’t believe how lucky I was to find the amount of money that would enable me to buy what I wanted. I was extremely lucky, dashed to the shop, and bought all of the comics I wanted, and still had more than the 50p I set off with, to put aside for the next month. I will always remember that day, and for years I put it down to ‘just luck’. It’s only recently that I realised this was a Cosmic Order that had been delivered. Well, this was more an example of the Law of Attraction bringing to me what I really wanted. There were lots of other ways I could have walked to the shop, but chose this particular route; the road where I found the coins was a usually busy one, but there was no one about; the coins were near a bus stop, so if someone had dropped them they would have heard them fall – they were all on the pavement so would have made a noise if dropped, and there was several coins, not just one; and there were houses all along the side of the road. A lot of events came together for me to be in that place at that time. Some might say coincidence, and it was – several ‘incidents’ occurring at the same time – which is the basis of how Cosmic Ordering and the Law of Attraction work.

OK, a handful of coins doesn’t seem like much, but they were more than enough that day to enable me to have what I really wanted. It’s not really about what we order; it’s about allowing the universe to deliver to us what we need to be able to receive our order.

I was feeling good thinking of what comics I was going to buy, and imagining ways of getting more for my money. I was only young, and didn’t deliberately ask the cosmos for anything that day, but the cosmos really helped me anyway… whether by coincidence or other means.

I use the above example to highlight how the Law of Attraction brings to us what we think about. Cosmic Ordering is telling the cosmos exactly what we want, and believing that we will receive it. Cosmic Ordering is the creative aspect to set the wheels in motion for the Law of Attraction to deliver. This is how I see it. I got told off by someone once who said The Law of Attraction and Cosmic Ordering are not separate things as I refer to them separately. But to me they are two different aspects to the same thing. One works automatically all of the time, and the other is us literally ordering what we want from the universe.

I’ll soon post a few hints and tips for different ways in which we can send a Cosmic Order.

Hidden messages?

More and more symbols are being developed to replAce wordS for certAin things, which in a way is a good thing. The symBOls are easily remembered, and you instantly know what they mean. Look at the symbol for peace, which is used by the peace campaigners; or the recycling arrows. They both VEry clearly diSplay what they mean, because we knOw what they are intended to mean. But who decides on what the symBols should bE? Can we create our own symboLs to be used in every day cOnversations? And hoW do we spread word that the symbol that we have chosen to represent the word (or phrase) means just that?

There’s a phrase that says a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine creating a symbol that could literally represent that? More importantly, what would your symbol say? What impact would it have on the world? Would it be overused?

Thinking about symbols has got me thinking about hidden messages, and I’ve hidden one in the paragraph above. Not very well, I must admit, and it is actually a phrase I have used very recently. I’ve made the letters stand out, but the message would still be hidden there, and a little less obvious if I’d adjusted the font size slightly on the intended letters. Not so much they are noticeable, but so they would be picked up subconsciously. The mind will see the difference and may well pick up the message. I’ve not hidden any other messages in this post, and the yellow spotted red mini that you are now imagining is not there because of your subconscious!

Look at hieroglyphics… images our ancient ancestors used to depict the events of the day. Some are obvious, and some may have more than one meaning, and depending on how they are interpreted can make all the difference in the meaning of the sentence they are trying to convey. Could they have hidden any messages in their symbols way back when, that we haven’t worked out yet?

It all comes down to interpretation. How we interpret what we see. And what we see may not always be the truth! Now, I know ‘seeing is believing’, and to fully experience it, you have to see it with your own eyes, but is what you are looking at actually what you are seeing? There is a difference between looking and seeing although you are doing both. Look at a railway line and follow the tracks into the distance. Due to perspective, it looks as though the lines meet in the distance. That is what you see. But you know the lines are parallel and they cannot possibly meet all that way up there. They will stay the same distance apart all the way to the end of the line. If you were to see the railway tracks for the very first time (and be totally unaware of perspective) you would see, and interpret, that the lines do actually meet. And if you had to design a symbol to represent what you have seen, you would probably draw a tall narrow triangle to start off with. And someone else looking at a symbol of a tall narrow triangle may interpret it as pointing upwards, rather than into the distance.

It adds a different perspective to the phrase ‘someone’s point of view’, too! Try to see things differently. Be open to receive other interpretations of things. Try to see the fuller picture.

Oh, and by the way, when I mentioned the yellow spotted red mini earlier, what image did you see in your mind’s eye? If you didn’t see an image, that’s fine. Did you see a red car covered in yellow spots? Or was it a girl wearing a short red dress with yellow spots? Or even the word ‘mini’ in a yellow-spotted red font? Or perhaps you saw something else. It doesn’t really matter what it was that you saw this time, but it can matter how you interpret things. It is very easy to jump to the wrong conclusion in things…

I was going to end this post there, but I’ll end it here instead! No reason…

Just imagine…

Can you imagine being able to travel back in time, and take a video of all of your favourite events, so you can see them exactly as they happened all of those years ago? What events would you go back to see? Would it be someone’s wedding that you enjoyed? Would it be a favourite holiday? Or would it be a particularly normal Wednesday afternoon back in 1973 when you really didn’t do anything, but had a fantastic time just being you? The chances are you may already have a video or at least a photograph of the wedding – or the holiday – but probably wouldn’t have anything of significance to help you to really remember that fantastic Wednesday afternoon.

It’s the normal days, the ordinary days, that can really turn into something extraordinary. You may just be sitting quietly, just staring into space, when Wham! a fantastic idea hits you. You follow the idea through, and bring it into reality. The idea becomes really successful, helping you to achieve all of your dreams, and other people look on in wonder as to how you could have come up with an idea such as that… think it sounds far-fetched?

Think about how many ideas pop into your head as you are out shopping, or driving (or waiting at traffic lights!), or playing sport, or waiting for something, or watching Smallville on the TV, or reading a book, or typing a blog, or gossiping, or swimming, or trying on an old shirt, or moaning, or cooking or doing whatever every day things are being done. Some of the ideas can be discounted, obviously, but some of them could really be the road to success for you.

It’s really worth a thought. Just because nothing is happening in the physical world, it does not man that nothing is happening in the realm of your thoughts. Any idea that you think is good, write it down… try to see how it would work in the real world… see how it would really help people… see it being successful. Set the wheels in motion for your idea to become real.

It may be that your final product may not resemble your original idea at all. It may be that you decide to scrap your plan for this idea as an even better one occurred to you one Sunday afternoon. It may be that your idea is such an overnight success you are taken aback by just how successful it is.

The point is the original idea is what sparked this all off. And the action you took after the idea, obviously – unless you dismissed the idea then you wouldn’t feel the success at all.

So, the next time you find yourself with nothing to do, just sit back and think that at any moment now you will have such a great idea that you will take some time to look into further.

Oh, and if you have a camera handy, just take a photo of that day. Anything at all can be the subject, but if you get something with the date in it, it will help you in the future when you are looking back over the special days that you would like to visit, if you could travel back in time.

Why not make everyday special? Then you wouldn’t even need to travel back in time to visit, as you are actually living it anyway… just a thought.