Look who’s in Smallville!

It’s a small world… that’s a fact!

I’ve been noticing the number of actors and actresses who have previously played super heroes who have appeared in Smallville throughout the years. Personally, I think it has been a really good idea of the producers to ask these people to take part, as in my mind, it is a fitting tribute to the work they have done before. Regardless of the fact they may be playing the villain this time round, the choice to ask them was a good one, and it gives true fans (myself included) a chance to see our heroes from yesteryear in a brand new light!

First of all, I have to mention the late Christopher Reeve who appeared in a few episodes as Dr Virgil Swann. Dr Swann knew all about Clark and his origins from Krypton, and as time went on we learned that he was part of the secret society ‘known’ as Veritas.

As well as Christopher, another familiar face appeared as Chloe Sullivan’s mum in one episode: Lynda Carter! Lynda (who obviously will always be remembered by most people for portraying Wonder Woman so greatly in the seventies, and not so obviously remembered by me as being the person who introduced me to the world of DC Comics back then) played Moira Sullivan, who was one of the people from Smallville to be affected by the meteor rocks. Moira’s ability (or curse) was that she had the power to control people… and the episode she appeared in showed Lex using her ability to his own advantage.

Helen Slater cropped up in a couple of episodes, playing Lara, Clark’s (well, Kal El’s really) mother from Krypton. Helen played Supergirl from the movie with the same name.

Jane Seymour appeared several times as Genevieve Teague, also a member of Veritas. Jane played Dr Quinn Medicine Woman a few years back.

And there’s more! Also appearing in various episodes throughout the series, we have seen Dean Cain (from the Lois and Clark TV series), James Marsters (Spike, in Buffy The Vampire Slayer), Margot Kidder (Lois Lane from the Superman movies), Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia from Star Wars) and Robert Picardo (The doctor in Star Trek: Voyager), and I’m sure there are many more who (and I apologise to the actors concerned) I can’t think of right now… well, there has been well over one hundred episodes so far and I do watch the stories as well as the people who are helping to tell them!

Yes, it’s a small world. And I like living in it! ­čÖé

The power of the mind

When you stop and think about it, it really is amazing just what the mind can do. We all have the ability to create anything from nothing, whether it is a new invention, to a piece of artwork or maybe a random squiggle on a piece of paper that wasn’t there before. It doesn’t matter what it is that we create, the important thing is that we do create.

We can create good health or bad health for ourselves. We can think good thoughts or bad thoughts to create our moods. We can create the life of our dreams or the life of our nightmares – just by the events we are creating in our lives.

With the power of Cosmic Ordering, we can bring things, events and people into our lives, just by requesting whatever we want from the universe. We are creating our reality.

With the Law of Attraction, we are bringing to us everything that we experience with our senses in every second of the day. Again, we are creating our own reality.

We can create our perception of time by either being busy or bored. We can create imaginary places to escape to, that seem very real, whenever we want to. And we create stressful moments and blissful moments in any given second.

That really is a lot for the mind to do, and mostly on an automatic basis. The other jobs of the mind – to learn, to interpret what we have seen, heard, smelled, tasted or felt, to walk, drive or cycle, and to communicate become automated the more we use them, but the mind controls them all. It really is a very powerful tool to have, and we can use it whenever we want to. Fabulous!

I have received some computer software that enables me to control certain things just with my mind. Well, it is more to do with the power of my will power and emotions, but they are influenced by the mind, and if I think that the software will not work, well, it probably won’t. I just need the correct connection hardware to enable me to start using this software very soon, and I will learn to use my mind to a greater level than I currently do.

A book has come with the software, and a paragraph jumped out of the book regarding wanting to turn back the clock to change an event that has happened in the past that I didn’t like. Well, after recent events, and the sudden appearance of one of my hidden demons, I know exactly how that feels and wouldn’t mind to have a go at doing that. The paragraph goes on to explain that it is really how we are feeling at the time that will determine what we will do in the next instant, and if I was aware of myself, I wouldn’t have said the things I said, but by following the process that I will learn with this software I will help myself to become more aware in future. In other words, I can’t go back in time to change things, so what is done is done. Leave it there, and get more in control now.

Once I have this necessary hardware, I’ll load up the software, and have a go at controlling things using a connector that is strapped to my finger-tip. No mouse, no keyboard, just the monitor, my thoughts and my impulses. I’ll be able to move things around the screen just by thinking.

Imagine being able to control something like that just with the power of the mind. And imagine being able to take it further to control events that may feel awkward or not nice, without being connected to the computer. That power of the mind is probably a long way off. I’m willing to have a go though. I’ve written above about the powers of the mind that have been documented to work, and have obviously worked for me, so this is just like another step along.

I’ll write about my experiences in future blogs.

I find it amazing how new things comes along when I am least expecting them. Having said that, though, I am, in reality, bringing them to me anyway!


After the eventful and emotional roller coaster I have just gone through, I have decided to write about something slightly different today, although I may have mentioned this briefly before.

I have a couple of dreams that may be classed as recurring if they weren’t ever so slightly different. There is definitely a theme that runs through the dreams, and I have one ‘more often’ than the other (and, if my memory serves me right, I have had both themes in the same dream once!)

The dream that I have most often is about lots of rooms. Usually, its a house, but my latest dream was on a cruise liner, believe it or not (which has just reminded me of a third theme – I’ll come back to this one!)

The house in my dream is usually a very large one, with lots of rooms. Sometimes, the floors are on different levels, so some are accessed by a step down or a step up, and others by a small staircase of about five steps. Other times, the staircase is quite steep, and there is usually a part of the house that isn’t used very often. This unused room is either decorated in an old fashioned style, with a clock that is always ticking somewhere in the room – sometimes it is untidy, other times it is very neat – or it is out of the way and hidden behind a wall, or a cupboard, or a curtain, or a dust sheet – but I always manage to find it. One dream I had had an entire top floor of the house that was unused, and hidden, that was accessed by a steep staircase that was accessed from the back of an old cupboard. This top floor was huge, it was mostly one room, but there was a smaller room at one end, and there were lots of storage boxes. I don’t know what was in these boxes – maybe I’ll find out the next time I visit.

One of the houses in my dream had a roof terrace where I could go to sunbathe or eat breakfast. It was my own little hideaway that no-one knew existed.

The houses always feel comfortable, and I know that they are mine. Regardless of whether they look like a regular house, a castle, a huge glass structure or a mansion accessed up a very long road, the house belongs to me.

The dream about the cruise liner was similar to the house dream as I was moving furniture into a room (and it was a room, not a cabin!) that belonged to me on the ship. The furniture was reminiscent to the furniture in the room with the ticking clock, although the clock wasn’t in this dream!

So, I have various theories as to what these dreams may mean. I want a large house goes without saying. I want a place to go and hide may be relevant at times too. And I want a place to get away is also obvious. I’ve read that a dream about rooms means getting things into order, but that doesn’t feel right with my dreams, but then again it could indicate that I want to get things into order in my life.

The other thing is the different levels, which ties in with my other recurring theme. I have to walk over or drive over a very long bridge. The latest dream I have had the bridge was made of steps which climbed up as far as the eye could see. The walk was a comfortable one, as many people walked this walk, some quicker than others. It reached a point where it started to climb down again, and many people got to know each other whilst walking over these steps. What the bridge was going over, I couldn’t see, and what was at either side of it I don’t know either. It’s just the walk. Or the drive. Or in one case, the jumps from one high stepping stone to another. These stepping stones were along side a very high bridge, and there was a wide river beneath this. The view was breathtaking in this dream, but everyone had to use the stepping stones and not the bridge for some reason.

Writing this has made me think that this type of dream is about general ups and downs of life, and sometimes we can’t see everything but just need to keep on moving. Very interesting, never-the-less!

The other recurring dream I mentioned was being on a ship, although I don’t dream this as often. I’m usually at the back of the boat (I’m sorry, but my nautical terms are not the best, but I’m getting an urge to use ‘aft’ for some reason) and I’m watching the waves from the boat as we travel through the water. Again, this is indicating moving forward or a journey.

Three completely different themes that occasionally crop up in the other dreams. I don’t recognise the fact I am dreaming whilst I’m dreaming they are that realistic, but I remember the dreams for weeks, if not months, after.

Maybe the dreams are telling me to continue on my journey as I am, through all the ups and downs, taking the things I can’t see as well as the things I can see in my stride, and eventually I will get to my dream home. I think that sounds good anyway!

I wonder what I’ll dream about tonight?

Right at this moment

Oh, it’s gone.

It’s gone again.

And again!

And another one…!

These moments pass by so quickly, I don’t have time to think. Tell you what, though… they felt good, those moments. Not a single worry. Not one. Just a nice, comfortable, warm, pleasant, cheerful, happy moment. Followed by another. And several others!

Not having time to think in the long run probably isn’t the best option, but just stopping and being in the moment is probably the best feel good feeling there ever can be. There is just being. No negativity. No positivity. Nothing to get done by such and such a time. Nothing to hear. Not one thing is on my mind that makes me think in a less than positive way.

The moments themselves don’t last long enough to make me forget about anything that is on my mind… they don’t take any feeling away from me that was there before the moment, but I am aware of the moment. Each moment. I am aware of how good the feeling was. I can carry the feel good feeling into the next moment, and each moment that comes along, the feel good feeling just multiplies. So that means I can use the feel good feelings to help me through situations that may try to take away those good feelings.

Whatever is happening, however positive or not that it may be, has absolutely no effect on those moments. Neither does having or not having things I think I want to have;  being or not being things I think I want to be; or doing or not doing things I think I want to do.

So really, right at this moment, it doesn’t really matter that I have millions of pounds screaming out to be spent. It doesn’t really matter that it may rain in half an hour. It doesn’t really matter that Judith from down the road is having an affair with… The important thing about this moment, is the good feeling that automatically comes with it.

Imagine being able to use the power of the moment all of the time. Imagine being able to use every moment to feel just right. Imagine feeling right all of the time!

There’d be no complaints from me! I’m going to have a moment or two to myself again right now…