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Getting something different!

Well, I had to go and say that I wanted something different, didn’t I? Mere seconds after posting my previous thoughts, I discovered a new theme – this one, ‘The Morning After’.

It takes a while to get going, as all of my previous posts are being brought into this home page. I’ll see what I can do to speed things up, but apologies if you are in a hurry to read my next post… As if I can do anything about speed… I do like to sound important, you know!

I’m having a few ‘issues’ with text sizing too, hopefully everything will be sorted soon!


I’m one of those people who attracts static electricity.
Its a talent I’ve had since a very early age, but I don’t remember a time of learning about it, or suddenly waking up with it, it is something that has always been with me.
Very often, when I go to press the button to call a lift a blue spark will leap from the button and attach itself to my index finger with lightning pin point accuracy. There is usually a slight crackle (well it’s more of a crack or a pop) that accompanies this little spark, and then a whimpering “Ow!” from me shortly afterwards. One day, I was visiting at the hospital and received my usual static shock from the lift button. When the doors opened, I walked into the lift, and went to press the button for the second floor, and got my second static shock. And when I reached my desired floor, I walked out of the lift after the doors opened, and was struck again – by the door this time – as I walked out. Three static shocks in under two minutes… hardly fair that, is it? I didn’t want to walk by anything in case that decided to attack me too.

In work today, my computer monitor wouldn’t switch on. Well, it powered up OK, it just didn’t show anything on the screen, apart from the manufacturers logo that was just about visible in the blackness. I switched the computer off and on, and off and on and off an on again for good measure, but no – it did not want to work. I asked one of the IT people to have a look, he changed the power cable and still nothing happened, and then, as if by magic, it came on! I was told it was caused by a build up of static electricity. Does this mean my monitor was planning to zap me too? I don’t know, I’ll have to wait and see what happens here. It wouldn’t be a surprise if it did.

I’ve been zapped by some random things over the years. Front doors, keys, my car, and once I was zapped by a colleague who I worked with. We both laughed at that incident, but deep within me, I knew it was all her doing. She deliberately picked me to release her static electricity on.

When I worked on the old plug in switchboard, everyone received a slight electrical shock, that was the nature of the job back then. I only needed to lean close to the cord and the familiar sound of the crackle could be heard four positions along. Everyone knew that it was me getting the shock (and it was nothing to do with the “Ow” noise – I managed to hold this in for at least seven seconds afterwards.)

All of these little shocks, well, today’s build up of static electricity, has got me thinking about something. What if the static is building up in me? What if the shocks I get aren’t from the thing I’m near giving me the charge, but the opposite – what if I am releasing my electrical charge on that? What if the crackle is the energy leaving my body and hitting whatever is close by? And what would happen when I go swimming, if I go on a day when I’m highly charged? Water and electric do not mix well together… although as yet, I haven’t received a charge from water. Eek. I think rather than avoiding things so I don’t feel the charge, I’d be better to be close to things so the charge can leave my body. Just in case. Maybe this is why I never did well in physics at school.

Flight of Fancy: Vampire music

Reg the vampire
was kind to invite
Me to attend his musical night
At his lair down on Bridge Lane
It’s really a bungalow. Come again?
A one floor house with a wrought iron gate
That creaked quite badly for it’s new state.
Once in the garden and on the lawn
I was first met by his pet cat, Shawn
Well, one of them, for he has two,
Then I met some guests at the ‘do’;
A woman, who looked like Dracula’s bride
Whose hair was tall as it was wide
With a white streak up the front
And eyes that were, well, just vacant;
A man with a cloak too big for him
But only because he was very slim;
A man so tall he looked like Lurch
From some old show, you’ll have to search
On the web to find it’s name –
Addams or Munster they were quite the same.
This group did look quite surreal
But although odd, they did not feel
Threatening, or anything bad,
And, I must admit that I felt glad,
That at this night of music and fun
We’d got to meet before the night begun.

The first song performed was one I admire,
Annie Lennox, and ‘Love Song For A Vampire’
Followed quickly with ‘Closer’ by Kings of Leon,
Then ‘Blood Roses’ by Tori Amos – A new one
On me that I’ve never heard before
And then came ‘Lullaby’ by The Cure.
Sting performed next with his great treat,
Called, I think, ’Moon Over Bourbon Street’.
Nocturnal Rites sung ‘In A Time Of Blood And Fire’
This reminded me of the theme of Buffy, The Slayer,
Which I thought it best to keep this quiet,
After all, it was honorary vampire night
Next to sing was Neil Young
With his ‘Vampire Blues’ song
And then a song that I think’s really gracious,
’Bleeding Love’, by Leona Lewis.
Voltaire then performed ‘The Vampire Club’
And that was it, time for the grub!
And just to finish off a fantastic bash
We were treated to Bobby Pickett’s ‘Monster Mash’!

Collective mind

This is a bit of a random post today. Well, it’s probably less random than usual, which in effect makes it more random, as my posts of late have been on the random side. This one isn’t random in itself, but compared to some of the more recent ones it will stand out as being so. I just wanted to clarify that before starting my post.

Search engines from around the world are referring readers to my blog in their droves, which isn’t a bad thing if they wish to stick around and read some of the fascinating posts and at times shocking drivel I have produced over the last eleven months or so. I’ve nearly had this blog for a whole year, which isn’t much compared to some blogs, but it is a great achievement for me! Yay! Go me! Ahem; search engines and droves.

The odd thing is, is what the visitors are searching for, and the vast difference of countries where they are being connected from. It isn’t one place, but it is always one search term that directs them to this blog. What could this term be?

Could it be Aquatom1968? No.

How about vampires? No again.

Ah, black holes? Once more, no.

I’ve included those topics in more than one post, but they don’t appear to be the ones that people around the world are looking for.

OK, then, try parallel dimensions. No.

Personalities? No.

Ghosts? No.

1642? No. No. No.

The Moon. Nearly.

The Moon? Really? Nearly.

The majority of people who are referred to my blog are searching for terms including ‘wolf moon’, ‘the wolf in the moon’ or ‘wolf’ or even ‘wolf in the snow moon’. The most visited post on my blog is The Wolf Moon… Luna Lupa, which I added on February 18th this year. In brief, the short post was about the Full Moon in February and how I have designated it as my Wolf Moon.

Now here’s my question. What would cause so many people from around the world to search for this one term? How can February’s (or even January’s) Full Moon be relevant today? And, as part B to the question, how are they referred to my site, as when I search for the terms above, I do not appear in the listings – and I’ve checked up to page 50 I think. I can’t see people paging through that many entries, and then finding a link to my blog and thinking ‘Ah, that’s what I’m looking for!’ Very random indeed. But, at the same time I am really pleased that these fine people have somehow tapped into this ‘collective mind’ train of thought and have been referred to my blog.

Other esteemed visitors are referred here looking for Lion Spirit Guide, and information on Ley Lines. I hope that every visitor finds something to think about when they ‘pop’ in for a look-see, and I hope that they leave ‘feeling good’.

Like I said earlier, my point of view of the world is from a slightly different angle, but I really enjoy things from over here. Well, I like writing about them anyway, so that says something! And if we all did more of the things that we liked doing, there’d be far more feel good feelings to spread around! Now there’s a good thought for the collective mind…

Flight of Fancy: An Honorary Vampyr

I happened to mention in my post The Stereotype Categorisation Project the other day that I wasn’t a vampire, which is kind of true, but also kind of not true at the same time. I don’t go around drinking people’s blood, or anything like that, so that pretty much proves the point that I’m not a vampire. I also love garlic, go out in bright sunshine, don’t mind crosses or stakes, and have a reflection in a mirror (although that still didn’t prevent me from cutting my neck when I was imagining using my Twilight range of products on March 30th)!  So, with that list of items that all self-respecting vampires try to avoid, you would be safe to think that I am as far removed from the vampire community as anyone could ever be (although I think that I share some similarities with them). And besides, I am part of the super hero community. How could I possibly be part of a different community at the same time? Very easy, in fact.

Everyday, I’m in a different community. Where I work, where I live, where I shop and where I dream lead me to be part of completely separate communities. Wikipedia describes ‘community’ as “In biological terms, a community is a group of interacting organisms sharing a populated environment”, and I would say that I am an interacting organism who shares a few populated environments.

The reason I am waffling on about communities, is to get to this point. I am aware that vampires are living among us. Don’t be fooled by the list above, that’s what the books and movies tell us. No, vampires are very much real, and live exactly as you and I do. Well, possibly more like me than you, unless you have the feeling that you may be part of the vampire community too, and then they may live like you as well. Just say that you do think that way, and it will make describing things a lot easier. Otherwise this whole post will be full of paragraphs like this one, with me writing about the differences between you and I, and the vampires, and I am writing to a set budget of letters. OK? So, vampires are similar to you and I.

I met one the other day. Walking down the street, in broad daylight, as bold as brass! I mean to say, just what is the world coming to? Vampires are sultry and moody, and need to live up to their night time reputation. Not walking along the road whistling “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life” at the top of their whistle. I was about to nip into a shop when I met him. I knew he was a vampire straight away. You can just ‘tell’.

I was in my secret identity, so he didn’t know about this other side of my life that I lead. I think he had an inkling that I thought I was part of the vampire community, but he would not have seen through to my super side. We have to keep our identities secret at all times. Even Her Majesty doesn’t know our identities, and she holds regular meetings with us every other month.

Anyway, I knew this guy was a vampire, and I thought that he thought that I wanted to be one. He handed me a business card, and was about to say something to me when his mobile phone rang in his pocket. The ring tone? – the one he was whistling. He answered the call with a friendly “Reg speaking”.

Reg? Not exactly my first choice for a name of a vampire. Vladimir maybe. Possibly Olav, Le Stat or even Angel, but Reg would be near the bottom of my list if I had to list possible vampire names. Reg doesn’t sound right. Although, I have named my inner nagging voice Bernard, so anything’s possible!

I don’t know what Reg said on his call – I don’t eavesdrop, and in my secret identity my super hearing is not as good as it should be – but the call ended abruptly. Reg told me to turn over the business card, and read what was written on the back. ‘The Chosen One: An evening of classical music and entertainment for Honorary Vampyrs’. I love that spelling of vampire – it’s so gothic! Reg advised that he holds these evenings at his lair every now and then, and he’s always looking for new people to attend. They are quite resourceful these vampires, writing invitations on the back of business cards, and the address is on the main side: The Bungalow, Bridge Lane.

The Bungalow. Not what you’d think of as a lair. But after meeting Reg the Vampire, I wasn’t surprised. But that highlights just how much vampires are part of the community, just like you and me. And if you live in a bungalow, Reg is more like you than he is me, as I live in a mansion. And if you live in a mansion, we are similar to each other, but different from Reg in this one regard.

Anyway, I haven’t been to The Bungalow yet, so I’ll have to write about this at a later time… if I decide to go. Just knowing I’m an Honorary Vampyr is good enough for me.