Beyond the Sphere

The cool autumn air, made crisp by the light of the Moon
with a breeze that brings with it an early chill
Mist circles in an eerie haze
and distant noises echo
ethereal and penetrating sounds
bringing closer the darkness

Everything is strange in the darkness
Shadows elongated by the position of the Moon
Whispers and screams combine into their own unique sounds
Everything causes a chill
to travel up and down the spine almost like an echo
and rational thoughts disappear within a garbled haze

Actually, it’s everywhere, this haze
it reverberates through the darkness
it’s carried on every echo
its energy enhanced by the Moon
and dispersed due to the chill
and there are still the sounds

Cackling, laughing, growling, all horrific sounds
combined and merged, cutting through the haze
replenishing the chill
adding more to the psychological darkness
increased ever so slightly by the power of the Moon
and the carried repeat of each and every echo

There’s actually more too in each echo
more to the reverberated sounds
more than just the power of the Moon
and that added extra discombobulates the haze
filling the darkness
and further intensifying the chill

The combination of everything merging increases the fear, the chill
rapid heartbeats contribute to the now deafening echo
cold beads of sweat unseen through the tightening darkness
and heavy breathing obscured by the smothering sounds
it’s no wonder everything is in a haze
made all the more spooky by the light of the Moon

I like it, the Moon. It brings alive the energy within the chill
cuts through the haze and shows me the source of the echo;
the sounds from the Halloween party, making light the darkness


Another form of poetry I have just stumbled across, this; a Sestina, or Sextain

Six words are repeated through six stanzas made up of six lines (the words end each line), and then a three line stanza, or ‘envoi’ (as we in the know know) has one of the words included in each line with another one ending it.

The words are repeated in a set pattern:

1: A, B, C, D, E, F

2: F, A, E, B, D, C

3: C, F, D, A, B, E

4: E, C, B, F, A, D

5: D, E, A, C, F, B

6: B, D, F, E, C, A

And the envoi: AB CD EF

The words I used for this (just as it happened) attempt were:



Black candles burn well
Casting light through the shadows,
Magic from the books

Look, it wasn’t my fault.

I’d gone into the Bathroom to perform a little spell to try to get rid of all of the Seasonal Spirits I’d somehow managed to unleash in an earlier post. I’d gathered all of the required items, elements and other whatnots and set about casting the spell.

For those who are unaware, the Bathroom has a rather mystical quality, shall we say. A convergence of Ley Lines, a trans-dimensional portal, a strong magnetic field and an ethereal feel add to its mysticism. It’s an ideal room for casting spells and carrying out scientific experiments, many of which I have carried out in the past without too much of an incident. Ahem.

Why would I think this should be any different?

I placed the required twelve red candles in a circle, and stood at the most northerly point I could. I read the incantation scroll word for word, and then left the Bathroom to allow the elements to do their thing. The scroll said twenty minutes and then I had to switch off the candles.

Yes, I know that sounds odd, but at the time, to me, it didn’t.

After being out of the Bathroom for about five minutes, I heard a peculiar ‘sucking’ sound coming from there, and then a dull backwards-sounding thump. Actually, it was more like a thhhhhhhhupppp.

I returned to the Bathroom, opened the door, and this is what I saw:

The whole Bathroom had gone, replaced by the entire Universe.

“That shouldn’t have happened” I thought to myself, and opened the scroll to see if it mentioned any odd side effects.

Now, let me explain that the writing on the scroll is very elaborate and fancy, with all sorts of swirls, squiggles and lines coming off each and every letter. It was easy to misread RED for LED. I only noticed this after the event, but obviously by then it was too late. I read the terms and conditions that were on a second scroll in the spell kit, and they advised that some of the elements used in the spell become very volatile when subjected to a naked flame, hence the reason for artificial LED candles needing to be used. Oops.

The terms and conditions went on to say that other elements were included to prevent any adverse reactions, although at certain times of the year these other elements become considerably inactive. It listed October around the time of the Full Moon as one of these times. Oops again. Maybe I should have read the terms and conditions before starting.

It also stated that if an implosion occurs, which I would presume has happened in the Bathroom, instead of eradication, the effect would be multiplication… so I seem to have managed to increase the number of free Seasonal Spirits. The scroll says the increase in number is based on the time of day, multiplied by ten. I cast the spell at 10pm, so 10X10=100, so I’ve multiplied the Seasonal Spirits by a hundred. I’m hoping that’s the case, and the spell doesn’t use the 24 hour clock, in which case the multiplication of the Seasonal Spirits would have been by 220.

I’m trying to get through to the spell helpline, but all lines are engaged at the moment. I shall keep trying. There is a way to reverse the spell, so worry you not… it’s just that I left that part of the scroll in the Bathroom and it’s now floating around the Universe somewhere.

I watched the light flash fade
I heard the sound of evil laughter
I tried to mimic someone being brave
I’m sure that I’ve run faster
I spin at every sound
In a state of fear and tension
Heart beating to the limit
Filled with apprehension
I must flip this on its head
Kick-start my inner strength
Insulate myself from the fear
Keep it all at arm’s length
It’s here
I trip
In fear
I fall
Line crossed
I park my screams
As invisible icy fingers
Rim my open mouth
And wake me from my dream

Even through the darkness they shone, peering from the top shelf like some twisted and horrific CCTV system, without the equipment. The flickering candlelight and echoing tick tock tick of the free-standing clock on the other side of the cellar made them become more alive. Animated. They bobbed and blinked and stared forwards, silently observing but never revealing any of the secrets that played out before them. Although that was why they were stored in glasses and jars in the first place. One day, the ‘creation’ would use the eyes. The ‘creation’ would reveal the secrets. And we would know…