1642, Galleons and Galileo. This was the first post written about my quirky little quest.

In my quest, I am trying to find out what it is exactly that is somehow linking me to the year. I am finding fascinating facts, but no answers at present. Hopefully, the answers will begin to appear. I’m finding connections between the facts, but nothing that completely connects me as yet.

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13 thoughts

  1. I don’t know if you are aquainted with Sue Dreamwalkers Space Aquatom, but I think that you will find it a very worthwhile journey, in fact you might learn a little more about your Quest… Perhaps reincarnation is the key? I will have to find these postings that you have mentioned here and read through your findings so far… It all sounds very interesting 🙂



  2. I’ve just been strolling about the airwaves, and happened upon this link… featuring The Triton Fountain of Rome and 1642….mayhap you’ve already viewed it on your quest Sir Aquatom. … if so, just ignore this link and pray forgive my accosting of your person…(always wanted to accost someone… but never had the noive… 🙂 ) xPenx


    1. Pen, thank you very much!
      I don’t remember seeing anything about the Triton Fountain up to now, and will follow your link to see where it leads. Anything that will help me with my quest is welcome! (By the way, this comment of yours was marked as spam for some strange reason. How very dare them!)


      1. I was Spammed? Oooooo., reminds me of Monty Python, (I’d rather be a Knight that said Ni , and that was a Holy Grail Quest wannit?) ) but I wonder what it’s like, you might’ve deleted me Sir Aquatom, and not known about it, I would have been sent spamwards into the Cosmos, and….. splatted. Ah Well, close shaves make for exciting days, and I must away into the sunshine, and find out if your time breaking has done any damage to my Garden, wouldn’t it feel odd if everything was perhaps backwards, like mirror reflection…learning to ‘see’ things from a different aspect, and I can’t ‘see’ what I:m typing ‘cos this comment box won’t move DOWN, that’s no good for people like me who can’t type for toffee, in fact it;s oositvely scar!!


          1. I like the phrase oositively scar! It sounds slightly more sinister to positively scary!
            I don’t mind deleting the real spammers, Pen, but I would never delete anyone I know. Not intentionally, anyway. That sounds sinister too!
            I often try to see things in the mirror world… like sometimes magazines publish photos of celebrities that don’t look right as they have been transposed / reversed (whatever that term is!).
            Sorry to hear that you have had some problems with the comment box – maybe it has something to do with the fact that I retrieved your original message from that spam holding area…


  3. I find this fascinating, as I too am inexplicably and obsessively drawn back to the past. But not as specifically as you are, never a particular year. I have a few periods where I feel an overwhelming need to connect: the 1830s-1870s, and the 1760s-1780s. Just for the US and England, though. 1642 was an interesting year—I’m going to have to read more of your posts about your quest now.


    1. 1642 had a lot going on, Madame Weebles, although I knew nothing about the year when I started my searching. It is very specific though, which is why I’m always looking for answers… hopefully, I’ll find something one day! Out of your date ranges, the 1760s-80s seem to ‘speak’ to me, but not the other date range (and not as loudly as 1642!). It’s an odd feeling, this pull… I hope you find some details as to why you are drawn to your years!


    1. By the time I decided to call it a day, I’d found out lots of really interesting bits and bobs, Raili, but nothing that really made me go ‘ah, that’s it!’. I still see the ships in my mind’s eye. You never know, one day, when I least expect it, the dots will be joined.

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