We may be going into Winter here in the UK, but that isn’t a reason to forget about the Summer! There may be fewer green leaves around in the next few weeks, but, on some days, the skies will be blue, the air fresh and crisp, and the Sun bright. And, as in this Square photo, if you look closer on those bright days, you may just find a wonderful surprise!

Posted for Becky’s Walking Squares.

22 thoughts

    1. Thanks, VK.
      I’d be very annoyed with myself if Tufty was there and I hadn’t noticed, but caught the tail end of him! This doesn’t mean to say that he was there, and I hadn’t noticed… although that does look like a rather familiar tail end… 🙂

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    1. They are, Icewolf… and like the Summer they’ll soon be a memory too, as everything rests before Spring once again bursts onto the scene! However, we have the Wonders of Winter to enjoy first! 🙂


    1. Apparently, we had a sprinkling of snow here in Cheshire a couple of weeks ago, which was very unusual… I missed it, though, and was only told about it. Other than that it’s been very mild, Susan.

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