Recently, Chris from Luna’s On Line, introduced me to a new word. She also introduced me to ‘neologist’, but that isn’t the word I’m referring to. No. The word she quoth was ‘braccaneer’.

Braccaneer? You ask. I can hear you. I can also hear you ask “what does that mean?”, and luckily for you, that is the point of this post!

Basically, a braccaneer is a modern version of the ‘pantster’, one who writes by the seat of their pants… one who writes without plotting beforehand. ‘One who improvises’ is another definition of pantster that I read whilst plotting this post, but that doesn’t make the old term sound any nicer.

Being honest, I never knew the term ‘pantster’ existed until I read Chris’s post, so I already liked the new term braccaneer although I read both at the same time. And braccaneer takes it’s origins from ‘pants’ as well, so it is a genuine word. It has an origin.

I’m a braccaneer. I have no clue where my tales are going when I start writing them… the characters seem to take over. On occasion, I do have to help them out of the situations they get themselves in… but they got themselves there in the first place! Not me. And once freed, they go off again and carry me along with them. It’s all very exciting.

Now. Braccaneers the world over are emerging. Revealing their true writing style to the world with confidence and pride. No longer do they hide behind the ‘pantster’ label, and they proclaim with gusto who they really are. I’m a braccaneer. Are you?

Oh, and a badge has been created, in two colours:

And a button:

And a definition:

And even a discreet symbol, for undercover braccaneers who would like to remain discreet:

OK. I created the badges and buttons and things, although Chris asked me to. And they are freely available to be used by anyone who would like to declare themselves a braccaneer.

(And yes, I am aware that the image is of a pen with wings, but that is a much better visual representation of a free writer than a pair of pants with wings…)

Visit Chris on the link above for more behind the creation of this new word… and possibly movement!

19 thoughts

  1. I do see you in this and maybe myself too. I have a habit of commenting with the first thought that comes to me. Sometimes good…sometimes I should think through the comment a little longer but…

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    1. I like writing this way, Beverly. It’s much freer. It depends on the characters as well, though… they all seem to have their own minds.
      As to the comments, the first thought is always the honest one… but sometimes words on a screen can be interpreted in unforseen ways! I try to think of that if I read something in a comment that gives me pause for thought.

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  2. I, too, am a braccaneer. Thank you for letting me know, Tom! XD I’ve learned all about how to plot, character arcs, subplotting, etc, but I check for all those things after I’ve written the story. I’ve found that for me, to do otherwise feels too contrived. Just to be sure, is the difference between a braccaneer and a pantster one of a braccaneer being modern? 🙂

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    1. It’s more exciting this way, CM. There may be holes that appear in the story, but they just become gateways for further adventures!
      Although braccaneer is a modern take on the pantster, I see it more as a collective… a calling! That’s my interpretation, I could be wrong!

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  3. I’m so pleased you’ve taken this up, and taken it to new levels, Tom! How generous to produce so many options for us. You can be sure I’ll be picking up the winged pen and letting the words fly this week. Follow up post to be scheduled for Friday 🙂

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  4. Well, I’m stumped, delightfully so 🙂 Not sure if I fully qualify–sometimes I write by the seat of my pants, maybe even often (particularly when penning poetry). And I didn’t plan and plot-out my novels when participating in NaNoWriMo…so maybe I really am one 🙂 Is there a test to take, just to be sure? (haha) Anyway, I sailed over here–and enjoyed my visit–gorgeous badges and buttons, gotta love those!! Blessings to you all!!

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    1. Hello Zelda. Pleased to meet you.
      I think you just are a braccaneer or not, it’s a natural state! 🤣 So there’s no test (apart from the one you give yourself!)

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