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  1. Ohhh, Tom! This is fabulous. Such vibrant, wonderful colours, so really well blended together. It must have taken you a while – but I bet it was an enjoyable while.

    I notice that everyone is having a guess about what they see in the picture so… I’ll join in too….

    I see: A swimmer – but I cannot tell if its a male or female… but I also so a big, boggle eyed fish – or maybe a funny shark (?) at the head of the swimmer, to the side of the head, if you could see the head.
    So what could this mean? Hmmm…. well if it were a dream you had, then I’d say that the water symbolises your thoughts and inner feelings. The rainbow, however, is more difficult for a rainbow has SO many meanings. But, if it were you dreaming of rainbows, then I think that it could symbolise that your dreams and wishes just might come true!
    (buy a lottery ticket …just in case!) :o)

    I love this piece of art, Tom. It has a joy about it and it’s filled with hope and positive feelings.
    Sending buckets of squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

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