Distorted Time

Is time distorted? Can it be? Or is it just linear?

Above, I hope, proves that time can in fact be distorted… and very easily, to boot!

This is a photo, shared as part of Becky’s #timesquare challenge, showing Sunset through a frosted window. OK, perhaps it was the facts rather than time that has been distorted slightly there, but time and distortion are involved, so I’m going with it! Link below.

3 responses to “Distorted Time”

  1. BeckyB avatar

    Time is definitely distorted for me at the moment!

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  2. -Eugenia avatar

    Time never stands still and easily distorted.

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  3. prenin avatar

    Einstein predicted space/time distortion, but it is only in the past two decades that the technology has matured enough to measure it – and confirmed he was right!!! 🙂 ❤



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