Month: May 2018

The Superhero Diaries 5.6: In The Stocks

Discovered in an Eleventh Century Manuscript:

Ane incredible ftretching woman, a man with the tighteft of cloths and a man only part vifible to the villagers eyes met us one fine Tuefeday. Ftrangeres to thefe parts with abiliteys far unufual and fuperyer to the common man, thefe folk declared they were not godf but men and women like the reft of us.

Where we took to our horfes to help them heale their friende, a greenfkinned man who was injurede in their myftical veffele, they flew upon the wind. Carried by the tightly garbed one they reached the veffel in far quicker time than the villagers, even the mayors fteed was too flow for themme.

We anointede the greenfkinned traveler with a balm made uppe of fruits fromme the forreft and left him to reft when a ftranger called into the county and beganne to battle with the kinde travelers.

This battling ftranger deemed himfelf to be a dropped apoftrphe, fomething we are totally unaware of, and the kinde travelers told us not to be too concerned and they would hold him in their ftocks.

The ftretching woman ftretched her arms around this apoftrphe fellow as the tightly garbed one used magicks the kind never feen to bind his armf and legf with twine. The partly vifible fellow then made the now bound apoftrphe fall found afleep.

The ftrangers then bid us their fare wells and carried their fleeping attacker back to the veffele.

I can vouch that thefe events are true, as they were witniffed by all of the villagers, who afked that the eventf be recorded in the village bookf.

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