The Essence of Creation

I’ve recently discovered this on You Tube:

Twenty-four hours of incredible relaxing music. Just the thing to let everything wash away. I was listening to this in the background, whilst dabbling in a little digital abstract making. I listened. I blended. I layered. I created. I relaxed.

I’ve named this abstract ‘The Essence of Creation’. The name came to me as I painted. It has both a fiery warmth and an underwater feel to it, I find. Apart from that, it is merely, in essence, an abstract… deep, shallow, meaningless or full of meaning only in the eyes of the beholder.

22 thoughts on “The Essence of Creation

  1. Sorry I’m SO late in getting to this post … I’m days and days behind my ‘Reader’ and trying to catch up.

    I see a beautiful array of colours – blues, purples, yellows, greens, oranges – and more …. – all blended so that they naturally flow into one another.

    In the foreground I see falling ‘lights’ (but not lights per se) – perhaps the magic of the creation(?) falling to earth(?) – and . . . I see orbs.
    The orbs could be the souls of those coming to earth … or leaving the earth. Perhaps they are the passing on of knowledge to that falling ‘magic lights’ – or maybe the falling magic is passing knowledge to the orbs.

    Coo … I need more thinking time with this one. Were it in a gallery, I would hope for a bench seat to be put somewhere far enough away to see the image – but close enough… but not so close that I didn’t get the feeling of what the whole thing was saying to me.

    Nice work Tom. ~ Cobs. x

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    • Ooh! Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Cobs, and the thoughts the creation gave you. And yes, those orbs are the magic of creation – actually they are stylized sparks – those triggers of inspiration we all get from time to time. I just went with this one!
      Another thing I’ve noticed, which I didn’t when I created it, is that the coloured background bit – it’s semi-transparent! I love special effects me, Cobs, but ones I create without meaning to are even better!

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