Month: April 2018

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Wordle: Earth Is Calling

Earth’s call to her inhabitants
Startled some and charmed others
‘Though some looked on with callousness
As they always try to leave their mark

Nature mingled amongst the twisted limbs
In awe as to what was on offer
They filtered out their destruction
Progress and profit first in mind

Purifying rain rinsed away the dust
Cleansing and rejuvenating where it touched
Torn away by chainsaw’s blade and digger’s bite
They soon felt Earth’s call to her inhabitants

A post for Earth Day 2018.

Feel GOOD!Words


It’s One Word Sunday once more, and Debbie’s word this week is ‘Literal’. So, I’ve taken the word at it’s word and taken a photograph of the word ‘word’. One word on a Scrabble board on a Sunday. I think that literally covers it. Later, I shall be adding a link here to Debbie’s post, where she will also share links to participants of last week’s challenge.


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I Thought That Today Was Sunday

But not when I thought it, that is.

When I thought it, on Friday, I thought that tomorrow, Saturday, was Sunday. But today is now Saturday, and I know that it is Saturday now, but yesterday, Friday, I thought that today (tomorrow as was) was Sunday. I’m aware now that tomorrow, Sunday, is Sunday, and on Friday, apart from thinking that Saturday was Sunday, I never gave Sunday a thought. Apart from when I wrote this, as I had to think that I was in Saturday, when in fact I was still in Friday, but for continuity’s sake I had to act as though I was writing this post on Saturday, which is when it was written for, for Six Word Saturday in fact.

And thinking about it, the fact that I was writing a Six Word Saturday post on Friday for Saturday, I should really have known that tomorrow (today / whenever!) was in fact Saturday and not Sunday, as I originally thought.

I’m having a great weekend!

I hope that you are too!