Day: Feb 7, 2018


A Universe of possibilities exists
And If
We could easily tap into that power
And If
We could use that power for the good of all
What If
Would be the best
To bring into existence?

What If that If is within each and every one of us?

What If we have that If’s power inside of us?

All of those Universes’ individual possibilities are there – within our minds. We have the power.

And how great we use it is within us also. What If we try – and it works?

Posted in response to Frank’s ‘If’ Challenge. I created a multi-coloured Universe and was just adding my Moon when my art program crashed on me – sending all of those amazing colours out into the Ether and out into the Universe. Nothing was saved. On my second attempt, I created the above image, inspired by the Aurora Borealis (not that I have seen it personally myself). Sometimes, simpler is better. Don’t overthink and just do. So then I didn’t think and just wrote.

Visit Frank’s site using the link below to see more entries to his challenge – or have a go at entering yourself! ‘If’ opens a Universe of possibilities!