Month: February 2018

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Letters To The Universe… The ??? Edition

Dear The Weather,
Thank you for the past few days – you have been very chilled. Nice, relaxed and just a tad cool. It is still Winter, however, so this is to be expected, but you are giving subtle clues that Spring once more is on its way! Fabulous!

Dear Blogland,
I have an announcement to make. Just not yet! Don’t you just love receiving letters like this one?

Dear The Word Amphibology,
Would describing you as having a double meaning be accurate? I know you are a phrase or sentence that is grammatically ambiguous, so the sentence you are referring to could have the double meaning, but is there only one definition for you? You’re beginning to hurt my brain now.

Dear Amphiboles,
I’ve just discovered you after reading that amphibology (mentioned in a previous letter) is derived from the Greek word meaning ambiguous. As coloured crystals go, you have a very pleasant green colour, and it was surprising to read that you are formed containing iron ions.

Dear Amphibiologists,
I must apologise, but you were drawn into this realm just by your work in amphibiology, the zoological study of amphibians. I was drawn into your realm, by merely looking at amphibians, and seeing words such as ‘herpetology’; ‘polyparaphyletic’; ‘clade’; ‘hyoid’; and ‘paedophryne amauensis’. I also learned that the earliest amphibians evolved in the Devonian Period, known as the Age of Fish. The Devonian Period, I learned, was named after the county Devon in England, from where the early rocks were studied. I haven’t yet read if Amphiboles were studied there back then as well, but you never know. Especially as, as we all know, a clade is a group of organisms that consists of a common ancestor, and all lineal descendants represent a single branch on the ‘tree of life’… (that sounds to me like an amphibology on amphibiologists studying amphiboles)

Dear Blogland,
I do hope this is sinking in, we are very educational here at Beyond the Sphere. It may seem confusing now, but you should have seen it as it was originally!

Dear Ho’oponopono,
You are wonderfully relaxing. I have been using you quite a bit over the last few days, and you have been reducing stress levels immensely. I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

Dear Seekers Notes Hidden Mystery Game,
I seem to have downloaded you the other day to my computer. I took to you like a duck to water, whereas normally I’m atrocious at computer games. I also like the olde worlde feel you have going on. After playing you for four hours, I was slightly disappointed that there was no save and close option (that I could see) and I lost all of the items I’d acquired and points scored. If I find myself with a spare few hours again, I’ll look into you one more time!

Dear The Moon,
You have been a lovely crescent shape these past few times I’ve seen you. You always have a magical presence in whatever phase you present yourself, so I just wanted to thank you for being a silent companion for all of these years. You would have also been here in the Devonian Period, and before. To see what you would have seen would be mesmerising – although just a tad overwhelming as well… especially for my sore brain at the moment!

And Finally, Dear Crossword,
Five down, five letters, an individual protrusion on the phylogenetic tree… C, L, something, something, something… my brain’s all foggy at the moment. Could you possibly be cloud? That seems to fit in!

Thank you for reading,

P.S. As I mentioned the amphiboles in an earlier letter, I thought it would be worthwhile sharing an image of one found on Wikipedia…

… well, sometimes you just have to see things. This is a Tremolite, by the way. This post has been a little word heavy this week, hasn’t it? Time now to lie down in a darkened room!


Feel GOOD!

Earth In Peace

I’m redesigning my Candles, just to continue Sharing the Light around the world.

The first to be redesigned is my Candle for Peace. It’s a little more fussy than the original Peace Candle, but just like that one, the new one is available to be freely used – just right-click and save the image (if using a computer), or use that special jiggery pokery to save it on a mobile device or tablet (in other words follow the manufacturer’s instructions, as I haven’t a clue!)

No attribution required. Just take and use on your blog / site however you like.

Let’s continue spreading our light!

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Spammerty Spam Spam

My Spam Folder has only recently been cleared out… but not before I made a note of all of the comments to use in a future post! And guess what? This is the said post!

Hermes Birkin started things off with…

Also, love the fan art. I’m tempted to give it a go myself some time once I have a working monitor on “MY” computer again. My monitor died so I’m using my husbands computer and he doesn’t have the same art programs that I do on mine.

I did feel for Hermes Birkin, I really did. The post she left the comment on had nothing to do with art whatsoever, but she may have scanned a few of my other posts before leaving this message about her and her husband’s computer issues. They are very clever these spammers.

Cartier Love had this to say…

Awesome information, thank you very much for simplifying my search for good butter.

Erm. Ah. Yes. I see. I haven’t yet done a post on good butter although anything is possible.

Another Cartier, Cartier Circe this time, was enthusiastic…

Hi, I check your new stuff on a regular basis. Your story-telling style is awesome, keep doing what you’re doing!

I don’t mind comments like this, but the post it was left on was a photo post so it didn’t exactly fit.

Brak Gold said…

Ah, gosh, yours look so perfect! I made regular and ichigo daifuku the other day… They tasted great, but the texture was off, and they were hideous. I mean, really, they were…super ugly. The next day I made dorayaki with the leftover anko and they were…

I hesitantly did a quick search for ‘ichigo daifuku’ and with a sigh of relief discovered it was food:

They actually look quite good as well, being honest. I can only presume they don’t look the same as Brak’s, reading his/her comment.

Cartier Ring (I’m attracting a lot of Cartiers at the moment, aren’t I?) had a pressing question…

Hi! Do you know if they make any plugins to help with Search Engine Optimization? I’m trying to get my blog to rank for some targeted keywords but I’m not seeing very good gains. If you know of any please share. Appreciate it!

Sorry Car – I can’t help you there. Have you tried doing a web search for it?

Hermes Luck (ooh look – another Hermes) couldn’t quite find the words for their question…

?????? ????. ??????????, ??? ? ?????? ???????? ?? ??????? ? ????????? ??????? ?????? ???? ????? ???????????. ?????????.

My answer, Hermes is __________ ________ ______ _________ _______ _______ _____ ___________ __ ___ ___!

Anony Manus asked…

Good afternoon. Tell me, how in the Yandex browser on the android in the favorites to create a folder? I would be very grateful. Thank you.

Good afternoon, Anony. With the what in the where now? Ah. I see. You have to turn the dial until you see the Luna Setting VIII, and wait for the screen to turn gold. Then, rapidly shake the device to drain all of the water.

Bvlgari Black had a technical suggestion…

Wow, this is amazing, I thought that my laptop was just getting ruined (as I do let my daycare use it often). I never would have thought of the nUM lock key changing the FN keys, maybe I should have considering lots of them are numbers ! Thanks so much…

You’re welcome Bvlgari. Anything to help.

Tesi Casdye had medical matters in mind…

Hi I have recently suffered from sinusitis and otitis media. I got sick on the 21 I was running a fever and all. By the 25th my fever had went away but my hearing was muffled so I went to the doctors he prescribed antibiotics and told me to take Zyrtec…

I hope you’re feeling better now, Tesi.

Mens Mond had a technical question…

sir, i am an engineering student. i want to charge 12V 1.2Ah lead acid battery using a source which produce an output of 20V, and current in the range of 10mA, so can i charge the battery? if i can then provide me with required cicuitary please

Dear Mens, can’t you work this out for yourself? I only use 12V 1.4Ah lead acid batteries.

Lars Peelpaper wanted to know…

Good afternoon. The question interests. I want to paint the car completely. Color xeralik. What water is waiting for me. I’ll paint myself and the first time. Do I need to mum and primed cars. Tell me please what should be the consistency. Thank you in advance.

Dear Lars, I’m very pleased you asked. I have been wanting to share this information for a while now. And using the Galacian term ‘xeralik’, meaning ‘general’, was a masterstroke! Firstly, however, you need to actually decide on a colour. Once you’ve done that, make sure the paint is sticky enough to stick. You don’t want it coming off after all your hard work.

Bvlgari Knockoff (these names are very familiar, aren’t they?) was very complimentary…

I love the website layout ! How did you make it. Its so cool!

Thank you, Bvlgari. It was off the shelf.

And finally, L Diamond had this to say…

?Your Post are gorgeous and useful.Thanks for sharing your good experience with us.You is an amazing artist! ????

Why thank you, L.

But he/she went on…

nice and wonderful tips,i really like this,thank you so much dear for sharing very useful details,keep up dear….

I’m trying to keep up, L, I really am. I have spam to read, and comments to reply to, and blog posts to write, and pictures to create, and photographs to take, and work, and eat, and sleep, and… and… yes. I am keeping up. But thank you for saying so.

And there we have it. The latest round-up of spam that I left to fester in my Spam Folder until it was automatically deleted. In the midst of all that, there were some genuine comments from regular visitors, who I rescued without a quibble. I’m kind like that!

Spam – pointless, but funny… on occasion!

Have you had any fun spam lately?