Day: October 10, 2017


The rustle of leafless branches after sunset sound like whispers on the wind… haunting… melodic…. enchanting.

Listen closely to those whispers; focus with intent. Sometimes they carry a message. Listen to the message. Listen to the tone.

Not everything is black and white…

(Posted in part in response to Debbie’s open invitation to a Seven Day Challenge)

Inktober: Gigantic

#Inktober. Day Ten. October 10th.

The chiming of the old grandfather clock has caused me to spin around again. It’s not eleven o’clock yet is it? Surely not! I think the time must be wrong. And eek! That looks like a gigantic spider creeping out from behind the clock. It can’t be its shadow… where’s the light coming from? There isn’t a shadow off the clock. Oh me! Oh my! I think I’d better leave this room while I have the chance!